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Marine Hydrodynamics, Specialization Project



Formato del curso On-site
Fecha 2020-08-17 - 2020-12-20

Topic for the project thesis shall be compatible with the selected topics for TMR4525. The supervisor for the project thesis shall approve choice of topics for the supplementary topic and the in-depth topic (TMR4525).


Admission to a programme of study is required:

  • Engineering and ICT (MTING)
  • Marine Technology (MIMART)
  • Marine Technology (MSN1)
  • Marine Technology (MTMART)
Recommended previous knowledge

All mandatory subjects in 3rd and 4th year for the study programme and specialisation.

Required previous knowledge

The course is only accessible for students admitted to the master programmes Marine Technology and Engineering and ICT.

Resultados del aprendizaje

The student shall learn to immerse one self in a specific topic within marine hydrodynamics, using a scientific method of work. This includes to obtain additional knowledge through searching scientific literature and other relevant sources, and to combine this with own knowledge. The student shall learn to perform a larger, independent project, including making a project plan and project report in accordance with generally recognized standards. The master thesis might be a continuation of the project thesis.

After having completed the introduction seminar to the project thesis the student shall:

  • Know and understand the importance of ethical research practices.
  • Be able to take an active role in their own skills development and learning.
  • Understand the importance of conducting thorough literature reviews.
  • Be able to perform detailed scientific literature reviews, including searching in literature databases.
  • Be acquainted with the desirable quality and content of independent research.
  • Be able to conduct accurate report writing, and thesis preparation.
  • Know how to increase the effectiveness of their individual research.
  • Know how to write concise scientific reports, including structuring, referencing, and avoiding plagiarism.
  • Manage their project schedule and resources, managing expectations and change.
  • Be able to define a project description and project plan.


Categorías CINE (ISCED)

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