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Marine Science (B.S.)

Doctorado (ISCED 2011 nivel 8)


Duración 8 semesters
Costo In-State US$11.502; Out-of-State US$24.184

The Bachelor of Science in Marine Science program offers field courses at the Marine Science Consortium at Wallops Island, Va. This degree prepares students for opportunities in government, aquaria, consulting, research laboratories, and to pursue advanced degrees.

Are you interested in...

  • Protecting the environment
  • Marine life
  • Conducting research
  • Organizing and maintaining data
  • Performing experiments

Choose Marine Science at ESU

  • Small advanced class sizes
  • State-of-the-art field equipment
  • Practical field experiences
  • Protecting the environment
  • Is Marine Science a career path for me?

Career Potential

  • Marine biology
  • Oceanography
  • Aquaculture

Career Settings

  • Fisheries
  • Conservations
  • Aquariums
  • Local and state government

This is a directed degree program giving students firsthand knowledge via field experiences at the Wallops Island Marine Station as well as in-depth training in the theoretical aspects of marine science.

Field Experience

The Marine Science Consortium at Wallops Island, Va., maintains labs and has classrooms, research vessels and equipment for studies of marine and coastal biology.

Componentes estructurales
Entrenamiento de laboratorio
Trabajo práctico/ de campo
Proyecto de investigación

Categorías CINE (ISCED)

Conservación y gestión ambiental
Oceanografía física y química
Tecnología de protección del medio ambiente
Competencias personales y comunicación
Manejo de proyectos
Política y governaza