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Shipping Trade and Transport MSc

Master (ISCED 2011 nivel 7)


Duración 2 semesters
Nivel de entrada Bachelor
Costo €3500

The MSc Program in “Shipping, Transport and International Trade” aspires to educate a new generation of top rank scientists to serve the shipping and transport industries. We offer three main streams of specialisation, namely finance, law and technology management that enrich the shipping management and economics foundations of our graduate students. We ensure that our graduates have a unique opportunity to master the competitive landscape of modern shipping management activities, with knowledge and skills covering a broad range of interdisciplinary, modern subjects such  as, shipping strategy, maritime economics, commercial, insurance and maritime law, green shipping technology, digitalisation management and project and risk management. We insist in understanding theory, methodologies, applications, tools and practical applications of the  shipping management reality. We aim at educating professionals with critical thinking, a hard work mentality and soft skills that make the difference in a highly competitive, global workforce for shipping and maritime business management. We introduce and further familiarise our students with real life shipping leadership, through our distinguished lecture series. We offer access to a special industry for talented and competent people.

Componentes estructurales
Trabajo práctico/ de campo

Proceso de aplicación

Interested parties are invited to submit to the Postgraduate Secretariat of NAME in the following address 2a Korai Str, 82100, Chios, co M. Lykourina a folder containing the following documents:

  1. A printed application form (to be provided by the Secretariat or downloaded at the following address :
  2. Two passport photos
  3. A certified copy of a passport or id card
  4. Certified copies of the original degrees and their relevant equivalent forms to be obtained from the Greek Organism of  DOATAP if the degrees were not obtained in Greece
  5. A certified copy of the students analytic course transcript
  6. A full CV including details of the applicants’ studies, research activities and work experience.
  7. The certificate attesting the linguistic competence in English and the corresponding certificate for Greek language for non-Greek nationals
  8. Two reference letters, one of which must necessarily be written by one of the applicants former Instructors
  9. A declaration of Law . 1599/86 attesting they are not enrolled in any other postgraduate studies program
  10. A Memo detailing the reasons for which they wish to enrol and whether they receive or wish to receive a Scholarship or Grant
  11. Every element they think would help the Admission Committee to form an opinion on the candidate’s application

For more information, please contact the NAME secretariat at tel 22710-35222, fax:22710-35229, e-mail:NAME_Gram@aegean.grWebsite

Oportunidades de financiamiento/becas

The Postgraduate Program NAME offers scholarships to the students who graduate summa cum laude. The specific conditions governing the scholarship allocation are determined by the Coordination Committee of the Postgraduate Program annually.  

Resultados del aprendizaje

The Program aims:

  1. To enhance by means of instruction and research not only the knowledge but also the way of thinking of its graduates concerning the modern problems and requirements of Business Management and Economics
  2. To endow its graduates with all necessary knowledge and know-how for an executive career in Shipping, Transport and International Trade. Until now, the reception reserved to our graduates by Businesses and Institutions of the field is enthusiastic
  3. To offer the opportunity to Business and Institution Executives to update and upgrade their knowledge capital and guarantee themselves a successful further career course
  4. To open the path those who wish to further pursue their studies by undertaking a Ph.D program of studies.


Who can apply. An eligible candidate profile for Postgraduate Studies program includes holders of first degrees in relevant subjects such as Business Administration, Financial Studies, Science, Law or Computer Studies of Greece or any equivalent degree. The Department equally welcomes applications from graduates of National Technical Universities, Vocational Technical Institutions (TEI) and military academies of Greece or equivalent Institutions of other countries.  Officers of the Hellenic Navy, the Merchant Marine and the Coastal Guards, if they fulfill the entry requirements as described in the Article 16 of Law 2327/95. Eligible candidates are interviewed and their qualifications and assets are assessed according to the law N2083/1992 prior to enrolling the course. The Selection Committee retains the right to ask applicants–holders of non relevant degrees, or those who do not meet the entry requirements in any way to follow an intensive foundation program, or to attend the corresponding courses from the Department’s undergraduate program of studies to ensure that they will participate in the final selection from an equal position.

To be able to follow the foundation course students should pay tuition prior to enrolling.  The foundation course consists of six courses in which candidates will eventually be examined. The course are as follows:

1. Mathematics

2. Statistics,

3. Business Administration and Organization

4. Introduction to Computer Studies

5. Microeconomics


The final selection depends on the successful completion of the foundation course and the examination in the above courses. It must be noted that the grades obtained from the Mathematics course offset those of the Statistics. Candidates are allowed on failing grade (1) in one course provided that they have a GPA  ≥ 6 (six). Failure in more than two (2) courses with a GPA<5 (five) signals total and irrevocable failure in the foundation course exams.

Those who complete successfully the foundation course stand at an equal footing with all other candidates concerning the postgraduate course of studies. Tuition fees for the postgraduate program are settled by the General Assembly of Special Composition of the Program.

Categorías CINE (ISCED)

Manejo de proyectos
Economía marítima
Política y governaza
Gestión operativa de logística y envío
Derecho marítimo y marino