Workshop on Sustainability in Marine Biodiscovery

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Workshop on Sustainability in Marine Biodiscovery

Although marine biodiscovery has benefited from increased funding in recent years, a number of issues may limit what the field can deliver. A large amount of effort is required to maintain a pipeline with potentially few opportunities to demonstrate impact to funders and potential employers in the early stages.
This workshop is funded by an SFI catalyst award and is intended to bring marine biodiscovery researchers together to look at how research in this area can be sustained.

The layout of the workshop will be based around three core themes. These are: a wider appreciation of marine biodiscovery and applications to other fields; Wider use of materials and results from marine biodiscovery programmes, and sustainable careers in marine biodiscovery. 



The aim of the workshop is to explore the potential links between biodiscovery and other disciplines. This involves broadening the uses for biodiscovery information and data. Attention will be given to how programmes of biodiscovery can be sustained and also the sustainability of careers in the field. The organisers have invited established scientists and postdocs to join them, but would like to open participation to a larger group, including Euromarine network members

Contact Person: Mark Johnson (


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Venue: NUI Galway
Galway, Ireland


Open from 12 Apr 2017

Grant Opportunities:

A limited number of bursaries will be available, targeted to postdocs, to support travel and accommodation costs for EU-based researchers.


Academic level: PhD, Lifelong Learning
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