WEO MSc Water - Environment - Oceanography

General information

In responding to the huge demand of human resources in finding technological solutions for drinking water and waste water treatment as well as for climate change adaptation in Vietnam, the Master program “Water-Environment-Oceanography”, one of six priorities in USTH training program, has been created since November 2009. Accompanying a solid scientific training, the WEO master program will focus on studying the advanced technologies, which are currently unpopular or untaught in Vietnam, both in the field of water treatment (supply water, wastewater) and natural aquatic environments (modeling, remote sensing, and environmental engineering). Besides, with all the lessons are taught in English, main objective of this program is to train future leaders in the field of water science, who are capable to work for industries, consulting firms and government agencies (concerning water services, flood and environmental disaster prevention, natural resources management and land use).

The master of Water- Environment- Oceanography will train future leaders in the field of water science, called to work for industry, consulting firms and Government (water services, prevention of floods and disasters, management of natural areas and land use), and open the way to realize a PhD of science abroad. As shown in T of USTH, accompanying a solid scientific training, the focus will be on the use of advanced technologies currently little or no taught in Vietnam, both in the field of water treatment and the study of natural aquatic environments (numerical modeling, remote sensing, and environmental engineering).

All the lessons will be taught in English.  Roughly 60% of them are taught by French lecturers and 40% by Vietnamese lecturers. Intensive English is offered at the beginning of the master, complementary English is offered thereafter. Students will have opportunities of internship both in Vietnam and abroad. The diploma is delivered by USTH and conjointly by a French university. It is recognized by the European Union and International University education system.

Course Program. The WEO training program mainly focus on environmental issues related to waters from different resources (i.e. groundwater and surface continental waters, coastal and marine waters, polluted waters), risk assessment (concerning drinking water, sanitation, public health, eco-toxicology, floods, etc), water uses management (i.e. waters for domestic, agricultural, industrial, coastal purposes…), or pollution treatment (i.e. water, wastewater, irrigation, distribution…).

Within the first semester, asolid and transversal education is delivered to all students regardless of their specialty. It includes analytical chemistry, biology, ecology, fluid mechanics, hydrology, hydrogeology, modeling, economics, project management and international regulations. This training program aims to provide students methodologies for problem solving and reasoning while encouraging their initiative and creative thoughts in the fields of ecosystem protection, coastal and inland water resources management, and polluted water treatment technologies.

After the first semester, three following specialties are optional for student:
– Water Pollution & Treatment (WPT)
– Biogeochemical & Ecological Processes in Hydro-systems (BEPH)
– Oceanography & Hydrology (H &O).

More detailed information on syllabus of each specialty could be referred at: Syllabus-WEO_11.07.13

Contact Person: (admission-weo@usth.edu.vn)


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

0532 - Physical and chemical oceanography", "0521 - Ecology", "0522 - Conservation and environmental management", "0712 - Environmental protection technology", "0731 - Surveying


Venue: University of Science and Technology of Hanoi
Hanoi, Viet Nam


Open from
1 Jan 2017 to 15 Jun 2017


Interview fee: 100,000 VND/candidate, non-refundable in all cases.
Tuition fee for students holding Vietnamese passports: 40,500,000 VND (equivalent to USD 1,800)/year, exclusive of the registration fee at the institution in France, collectible every semester, unchanged throughout the whole course.

Students coming from other countries: 67,500,000 VND (equivalent to USD 3,000)/year.

Tuition fee for intensive English course: free of charge


Vietnamese and international students graduated from universities before 2015 or will graduate in 2015, with average good academic results and ability to use English for learning are eligible:

  • Applicants must hold a university transcript of Average Good or above
  • Application must hold a Bachelor’s Degree of Average Good or above
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Certificate of foreign languages (English, French) (if any).

Application Procedure:
Wave Application Deadline Interview
1 June 15, 2016 June – July 2016
2 August 30, 2016 September 2016

Admission procedure of USTH consists of 2 steps

  • Preliminary selection: screening on dossiers (details at Application dossier)
  • Interview: shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in English by a jury. Invitations to an interview shall be delivered by email and telephone. Interview results shall be informed to each candidate within 10 days by email and post.

After admissions, USTH shall arrange students into the suitable English courses based on their English level. At the end of the courses, those who aren’t qualified in English will be requested to extend their English courses at USTH until all requirements are satisfied.

Application Dossier

  • Application form for Master course in the academic year 2015- 2016  filled in and signed with 3×4 portrait attached (taken within the last 6 months) - application_form-Master-WEO-2016
  • Motivation Letter in English (outlining why you would like to enroll in USTH);
  • Certified English Translation of Bachelor’s Degree;
  • Certified English Translation of university transcript. If the grading system is different to the 0-10 scale applied in Vietnam, a document explaining the applied grading system is required;
  • Letters of recommendation;
  • Certificate of foreign languages (English, French) (if any); merits and certificates of good study results or scholarships (if any).

Grant Opportunities:

Scholarship and Fellowship
Since USTH is highly supported and sponsored by external funding (Asian Development Bank and Agribank) in addition to its own high-level state budget and industrial foundation, many candidates can access to our scholarship and fellowship program.

Merit – based scholarships and/or need-based fellowships (covering up to 100% tuition fees and living expenses) can be applied for during the application process; evaluated during dossier examination, and interviewed and decided after enrolment.

More information and further details including the study programs, tuition fees, dormitory and degrees can be found in English and Vietnamese at our website: http://www.usth.edu.vn or contact:


Academic level: Master

Qualification: Master of Science

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