The UGent Blue Growth networking event ‘unkown, unloved?

The UGent Blue Growth networking event ‘unkown, unloved?’ was the first initiative to inform the UGent community of the university’s recent policy decision and to convince UGent researchers and marine/maritime graduates across UGent faculties of the potential of Blue Growth, an EU strategy seemingly far away from the daily reality of researchers. Blue Growth requires broad cross-disciplinar cooperation of engineers, ecologists, marine biologists, geographers, but also economists e.g. to set-up business plans, lawyers to set the regulatory framework. ‘Unkown, Unloved?’ focussed on joining people who could contribute/participate in complimentary activities in two key Blue Growth research domains: renewable energy/coastal engineering and aquatic production.   Worth wile mentioning that UGent experts from additional blue growth domains e.g. marine graduate training, deep-sea mining will be in the audience, and available for networking. 

The Marine Training Platform was present on this Greenbridge event as marine graduate expert