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Pilot: Triple E (Entrepreneurs - Education – Empowerment)

organised by RIGHT
01 September 2019 - 31 March 2021
Kapellen, BE
Organized by CVO Vitant

There is a lack on technical skilled staff in the region of Antwerp and the port of Antwerp. We will train everyone who is interested/motivated and willing to work as a mechanic/electromechanic (vocational training, level 3 – end secondary school). In adult education we will

  • upscale the people already working in the sector, if necessary offer them specializations;
  • orient/reorient (unemployed) adults, youngsters, all willing and motivated to work in the sector;
  • pay special attention/care to people of allochthonous origin.

We will provide an adjusted curriculum, tailored to the learner (start with intake: needing basic skills, specializations, learning guidance, learning on the work floor, in need of qualification of secondary education, during daytime and/or in evenings).

We will not only pay attention to technical skills, but also to soft skills and work attitudes.

We work together with companies, sectors (Agoria, Volta – sectors of electricity and mechanics), labour market regulators, secondary schools, etc. for promotion, curriculum adjustement, apprenticeship, etc.

Institutions involved:

  • CVO Vitant (Centre for adult education)
  • Province of Antwerp
  • Companies
  • Labour market regulators, sectors

Sector/industry: Electromechanics

Expected outcomes for learners:

  • Learners successful in curriculum and on work floor
  • Increased inflow of learners in participating companies

Expected outcomes for SME's:​

  • Inflow of suitably technically skilled personnel with a work ethos and a heart for the company and the work
  • Retention of qualified people, which is strengthened by specialized and personalized training and guidance
  • Support SMEs in order to
    • keep up with innovation and increase their innovative character
    • be able to recruit, retain and train/specialize their technical staff
    • be competitive and be/become a pioneer

Essential criteria for the learner:

  • a heart and talent/passion for technics
  • motivation to work in the sector

Qualifications gained:

Electromechanics’ in adult education, valid throughout Europe, in public and private organisations

Ohter outcomes:

  • Collaboration with satisfied shareholders
  • Satisfied companies work floor