Submarine landslides

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Submarine landslides represent a major offshore geohazard for its destructive potential on nearshore and offshore structures and life. Submarine landslides may bear a tsunamigenic potential and can release methane gas into seawater and atmosphere. Examples of catastrophic submarine landslide afflicting human populations include Stromboli in 2002, Papua-New Guinea in 1998, Finneidfjord in 1996, Nice airport in 1979, failures in the submarine cable network around Taiwan in 2006 and 2009, …

The course will cover various aspects of this geohazard from recognition and sedimentology to initiation, dynamics, tsunamigenic potential and hazard estimation.

Programme information: 

  • Submarine landslides: geomorphology and sedimentology.
  • Submarine landslide hazard.
  • Assessing the stability of submarine slopes and triggering mechanisms of submarine landslides.
  • Fluid flow focusing in continental margins.
  • Post-failure evolution of submarine landslides.
  • Tsunamis from submarine landslides.

Practical lectures will include:

  • Quantitative analysis submarine landslides from bathymetric and geophysical data.
  • Submarine slope stability analysis using excel spreadsheets and the method of slices
  • Numerical analysis of the landslide post-failure behavior.
  • Tsunami modeling of a submarine landslide.
Contact Person: Francisco José Machín Jiménez (


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Venue: Institute of Marine Sciences
Barcelona, Spain

The Institute of Marine Sciences is located in Barcelona’s Villa Olimpica District between the Hospital del Mar and the Olympic Towers. 
Institut de Ciències del Mar
Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, 37-49



Full price of this course is 305€. A reduced registration fee of 250€ is applied for early registrations (20 days before the opening of the course).


This course is designed for scientists or engineers that wish to acquire a more in-depth knowledge of submarine landslide processes and a better understanding of their consequences to assist in offshore geohazard assessment, mitigation and planning. A degree in Geology, Geophysics and/or Geotechnical Engineering is required. Knowledge of the “Generic Mapping Tools” and shell scripting is recommended but not required.

Participants will need to bring their own laptop computer. Minimum recommended configuration: Windows XP and above, 4 Gb RAM.

Application Procedure:

Use the ADD TO CARD button on the course's website to book a place and make your payment.


Students attending to at least 80% of the classes will receive a certificate confirming their participation in the course, signed by the Barcelona Ocean responsible person and by the Lecturer of the course.


Academic level: Master, PhD, Lifelong Learning
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