Structured PhD in Earth & Ocean Sciences

General information


  1. Biogeoscience Group: studies of the Irish sea floor and marine—groundwater interactions. 
  2. Geofluids Group: investigations into the role of fluids in the mineralogical, chemical, and structural evolution of the Earth's crust.
  3. Magmatic Studies Group: investigations into the petrogenesis of magmatic and related rocks.
  4. Oceanography Group: studying physical, chemical and biological interactions in the oceans.

Areas of interest:

  • Physical habitat mapping 
  • Caledonian/Variscan geology 
  • Other geological topics 
  • Marine geophysics 
  • Land-based geophysics 
  • Hydrogeology 
  • Physical oceanography 
  • Chemical oceanography
  • Palaeontology and Evolution
  • Carbonate Sedimentology
  • Metals in Groundwater
  • Coastal Karstic Aquifers
  • Integrated catchment management
  • Sedimentary Provenance (new techniques and applications)
  • “Source to Sink” modelling of sedimentary basins
  • Evolution of modern and ancient large-scale drainage systems
  • Climate records in sedimentary archives
  • Ocean acidification
  • Carbon cycling in coastal waters
  • Trace element cycling in coastal waters
Contact Person: Prof. Peter Croot (


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

0031 - Project management", "0312 - Policy and governance", "0532 - Marine Geology", "0532 - Physical and chemical oceanography", "0731 - Marine spatial planning


Venue: National University of Ireland
Galway, Ireland

College of Science, 
School of Natural Sciences



EU students: €5,750 p.a. 2018/19
Non-EU stuedents: €14,750 p.a. 2018/19.

Information about postgraduate scholarships provided by NUI Galway can be found here.


To be eligible to enter on a programme of study and research for the degree of PhD you must have reached a high honours standard at the examination for the primary degree or presented such evidence as will satisfy the Head of School and the College of your fitness.

Application Procedure:

Application Procedure:

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You must upload to your application electronically. For supporting documents, you will be given instructions on this once you submit your application. However, you can see online in advance what supporting documents you're likely to be asked for.


Applicants must speak to the research group leader before applying though PAC.

You can submit your application at any time. You should allow at least four weeks, from the date we receive your application, to when you can expect to receive notification of whether you have been offered a place on a research programme. 

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Academic level: PhD
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