Stock Assessment (Introduction)

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General information

The general objective of the course is to train stock assessment scientists and advisors in basic population dynamics and stock assessment. The course not only presents the theoretical elements but also puts theory into practice through case studies and hands-on exercises. The specific objectives are:

  1. understanding the role of stock assessment in fishery science
  2. familiarity with conventional stock assessment models
  3. experience in basic model building and parameter estimation.
Learning outcome:

By the end of the course, the participants will:

  • be aware of single species assessment methods as applied to North Atlantic fisheries
  • understand the data-collection needs for different assessment methods
  • be familiar with indicators and reference points, both biological and economic, as tools in fishery management
  • develop knowledge of population and fishery processes by using simulation models to improve scientific advice for managers.
Contact Person: Anna Davies (Training Coordinator) (


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Venue: International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
Copenhagen, Denmark

ICES Secretariat
H. C. Andersens Boulevard 44-46
DK 1553 Copenhagen V, Denmark
Tel: +45 3338 6700 · Fax: +45 3393 4215 ·


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750 Euros for ICES member country affiliated participants.

1.250 Euros for non-member country affiliated participants.


The course provides a conceptual understanding, supported by quantitative applications that are designed to illustrate model properties. Advanced topics and programming skills will be introduced in preparation for more advanced ICES courses or to approach the same topics through self-learning. Applicants should specify their experience with stock assessment and the use of “R” and “FLR”.

Application Procedure:

Please use the on-line registration form

Application deadline: 5 May 2015


Academic level: Master, PhD, Lifelong Learning
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