Specialist Degree in Port Management (Private Degree)

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Especialista en Gestión de Puertos (Título Propio)

Society requires individuals to develop an ever-increasing ability to be able to adapt to new, more complex and shifting economic contexts. The most effective tool used by companies to enhance these abilities is human resource development achieved through solid training plans.
Comillas Pontifical University, through ICADE Business School, which is part of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, in conjunction with the Valenciaport Foundation, through its IPEC-Training department, promotes, leads and develops this Specialist Course.

Valenciaport is the leading Spanish port in the Mediterranean in terms of commercial traffic, primarily of containerized cargo, in large part thanks to a dynamic sphere of influence and a vast network of regular connections to the main ports worldwide.

The Course, in its 23th year running through 2016-17, will be taught in the Foundation's installations in Valencia.


  • Environmental analysis and management policy
  • Service marketing
  • Communication
  • Teamwork productivity
  • Financial analysis and planning
  • Cash flow management
  • Financing methods
  • Management control
  • Business ethics
  • International contracts
  • Customs logistics. Techniques and systems
  • Financing and methods of payment in international trade
  • Container shipping traffic
  • Short sea shipping
  • Transport and logistics
  • Port duties and policy
  • Port operations and services
  • Port economy
  • Labor relations in the Port sector
  • Business management and Port Marketing
  • Strategic Planing
  • Security and environement
  • Information Technologies
  • Quality in Port services
  • Corporate social responsability
  • Relationships port-city
  • Management of multipurpose terminals and containers
  • Ferro-port management


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

0413 - Logistics and shipping operational management", "0421 - Marine and maritime law


Venue: Fundación Valenciaport
Valencia, Spain

Edificio de la Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia, Fase 3 
Avda. Muelle del Turia, s/n 46024 Valencia


Open from
1 Jun 2016 to 7 Oct 2016


Total price: €6,425
Registration: €2,300
8 monthly installments: €515.63

Alumni are entitled to a 10% discount applicable to the final installment.


Who is the program intended for? Staff in public or private companies that are connected to the following sectors: port; maritime, land, or air transportation; logistics or foreign trade.

University graduates who wish to further their professional careers in companies or entities belonging to the abovementioned sectors.

Admission requirements. To hold a Licentiate (five-year) degree or Diploma (three-year diploma/degree) that has been awarded by a Spanish university or a non-Spanish educational or professional institute which is deemed by the university as a corresponding equivalent.

Under exceptional circumstances, candidates who are not in possession of any of these degrees may be granted a place upon accreditation ofsignificant professional experience in the field relevant to this course, provided that the legal requirements to study in the university have been met.

Application Procedure:

Realizar la solicitud de admisión por Internet. Junto con el impreso de solicitud, debidamente cumplimentado y firmado, deben presentarse los siguientes documentos:

  • Original o fotocopia compulsada del título, u original o fotocopia compulsada del resguardo de haber abonado las tasas de la solicitud del título (si no se tiene todavía). 
  • Original o fotocopia compulsada del expediente académico completo, con número de créditos y de horas realizadas.
  • Si el título ha sido expedido por Comillas, sólo será necesario presentar una fotocopia del título o fotocopia del resguardo de haber abonado las tasas de la solicitud del título (si no se tiene todavía) y una fotocopia del expediente o extracto del mismo (intranet_alumnos). 
  • Fotocopia del D.N.I. o Pasaporte.
  • Currículum vitae.
  • Escrito personal indicando las razones por las que desea iniciar o continuar en esta Universidad sus estudios de postgrado en el programa seleccionado y su disponibilidad de tiempo para cursar estos estudios.

El solicitante deberá realizar una prueba de inglés. La solicitud impresa y firmada deberá entregarse personalmente o por correo certificado en el Servicio de Gestión Académica y Títulos de la Universidad, C/ Alberto Aguilera 23, 28015, Madrid.

Grant Opportunities:

Si eres antiguo alumno tienes el 10% de descuento que se aplicará en la última mensualidad. Si eres recién licenciado benefíciate de condiciones especiales de financiación. Más información para Becas y Ayudas.


These courses are taught in conjunction with the Master's Degree in Port Management and Intermodal Transportation in order to achieve greater interaction between the various professionals studying on the programs. The course content follows a practical approach, requiring students to resolve case studies, either individually or in a group, with the aim of demonstrating their executive management skills.


Academic level: Lifelong Learning
Occupations (not validated):
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