Sea for Society: Improving human-ocean dynamics by building a “Blue Society”

EU decision-makers and stakeholders gathered in the European Parliament to discuss the project “Sea for Society” and the Blue Society concept, which envisions a new governance model that aims to make the Ocean an integral part of society. A set of recommendations have been established to further promote and implement a Blue Society, and stakeholders showed their support by signing the Blue Society Stakeholder’s Commitment advocating the transition towards a Blue Society. Ricardo Serrão Santos MEP and member of the external advisory board of the Marine Training Platform gathered policy-makers, the scientific community, youth and other stakeholders on 18 November to present the outcome of the project “Sea for Society” along with a set of recommendations moving forward to enrich the concept of a Blue Society putting the Oceans at the heart of decision-making. “Sea for Society” is a three year mobilisation and mutual learning action plan, funded by the Commission/DG Researh & Innovation FP7, engaging citizens and stakeholders across Europe on societal issues related to the Ocean.


The Marine Training Platform was present at the event, supports the Sea for society initiative and signed the stakeholders commitment charter