River inflow and upwelling effects on coastal production

Master Thesis subject (30 ECTS)
River drainage affects the physical, chemical and biological properties of coastal ecosystems, regulating habitat availability and favouring their productivity. Moreover, in the Portuguese coast, an upwelling regime is of particular importance for the richness and diversity of the coastal ecosystem and for fisheries. A review of the past 70theen years of river inflow and relation to precipitation will be done. The synchronic effect of river discharge and upwelling in coastal production (measured by chl a concentration) will be studied aiming unrevealed the role of each driver in marine biota production. The study will start with a smooth revision of literature regarding the issue (state of the art). Specifically, the student will be introduced to the development of statistical analyses (time series analyses; correlative spatial analyses) that will combine different type of information. Data is already available. The final aim will be increasing our understanding and modelling capacity of the respective and combined effects of oceanographic parameters on coastal production.
acceptable English reading and writing level: Ability to consult scientifically literature
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Reference Number: RP-46221