Professional Master in Marine Traffic

General information

The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport of the University of Ljubljana offers a two-year second-cycle professional master’s degree course of Traffic. It consists of 120 ECTS, lasts two years (four semesters), and is divided into three options:

  • Traffic Technology,
  • Transport Logistics, and
  • Traffic Safety.
Learning outcome:

Graduates from this programme are granted access to the third-cycle doctoral degree programmes of Maritime Studies and Traffic.

The experts that will graduate from this second-cycle study programme will be qualified for the planning and implementation of services in accordance with the characteristics of transport, traffic, and logistics processes, exploitation of traffic infrastructure and transport means in integrated transport, and traffic safety, all in accordance with technical-technological, natural, geo-traffic, human resources, legal, economic, information, telecommunication, and other conditions of integrated transport modes.

The knowledge and skills that graduates from this study programme are equipped with enable them either to continue their studies at the third-cycle doctoral degree studies or to seek for employment in the fields of research and development, services in the transport, traffic, and transport logistics industries as well as activities accompanying these sectors, public administration, economic and interest associations etc.


The main objective of the second-cycle professional master’s degree programme of Traffic is the upgrade of the professional knowledge and skills necessary for efficient problem-solving in the fields of traffic studies, the development of ability of communication within this discipline and across disciplines, development of a critical professional stance and responsibility as well as the ability of independent decision-making and leadership. The acquired knowledge and skills enable the understanding of interdisciplinary problems, in particular those related to traffic technologies, transport logistics, traffic safety, and other processes that are intrinsic to the efficient operation of traffic systems.

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The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

0312 - Policy and governance", "0413 - Logistics and shipping operational management", "0421 - Marine and maritime law", "0311 - Maritime economy


Venue: University of Ljubljana Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
Ljubljana, Slovenia


Open from
1 Jun 2016 to 30 Sep 2016


Tuition fees per study year for academic year 2016/2017: €2.900,00


  • Excursion:  €30.00
  • Optional subject "Sailing" fee per hour:  €100.00
  • SMS informing* *note: contribution is payed by all students:  €5.00
  • Contribution for formal award of diplomas**  **note: contribution is payed by all candidates for graduation:  10.00€

Price list for enrolment fees and study contributions 2016/2017


Candidates applying for master study programmes should give evidence of bachelor (first cycle) diploma or equivalent or higher according to the Higher Education Act.
Candidates should give evidence of fulfilling other access and admission criteria, according to respectful master study programme.
In case of limited access, the applications will be assessed against selection criteria specific to the course of study (study programme) for which you have applied.

Recognition of foreign education for enrolment in second and third-cycle studies and for transfer: Candidates with foreign degree qualifications undergo a procedure for the recognition of foreign higher education qualifications upon applying for studies. The procedure starts with the candidate’s application for study in the Republic of Slovenia, which is submitted in electronic form on the eVŠ portal. The procedure is run by the authorised person at the University Member (academy or faculty)

More information:
Office hours by phone +386 1 241 85 95
Mondays and Wednesdays: 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Fridays: 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Personal interview: upon prior arrangement over the phone

Application Procedure:

Candidates submit the application for enrolment and recognition of foreign education through eVŠ web portal

The application and admission procedure for enrolment in master and doctoral study programmes is run directly at the University Members (faculties and academies) based on applications and  the Call for enrolment into second-cycle master study programmes within a particular study programme

  1. using a qualified digital certificate – application is considered if submitted through eVŠ before the application deadline as defined by the relevant call for enrolment. The required supplements must be sent by registered mail (the supplements must indicate the reference to the number of the application for enrolment);
  2. without using a qualified digital certificate (with a username and password) - application is considered if submitted through eVŠ before the deadline as defined in the relevant call for enrolment, and if printed, signed and sent by registered mail to the address in the top left corner of the printed application form before the deadline as defined in the relevant call for enrolment. The required supplements must be sent by registered mail (the supplements must indicate the reference to the number of the application for enrolment).
  • Available places for first and second-cycle full-time study programme provision for foreign students (foreign citizens D, E, F), as a rule, cannot exceed 10% of the available places for Slovenian citizens and EU citizens.
  • Available places for first and second-cycle part-time study programme provision for foreign students (foreign citizens D, E, F), as a rule, cannot exceed 50% of the available places for Slovenian citizens and EU citizens.
  • Foreign citizens may apply for all available places in doctoral study programmes.

Technical assistance for filling out the application for enrolment:

Deadline: Enrolment into the second cycle master study programmes is completed at the latest by September 30, 2016; in case of special circumstances or due to appeals by October 30, 2016

Grant Opportunities:

For information about scholarship opportunities, visit ( is external)) and (

Scholarships for Slovenians abroad are granted by the Slovene human resources development and scholarship fund. Scholarships are granted for study at accredited public education institution at an accredited study programme in the Republic of Slovenia. The Fund publishes open calls for applications defining the requirements for granting scholarships and the amounts of grants.
Zois scholarships are available for foreign citizens with evidence of a status as stipulated by the Slovenian legislation (EU citizenship with at least 5-year preliminary residence, an EU migrant worker or an EU frontier worker in the Republic of Slovenia or a family member of that person, or a long-term resident). The Fund publishes an open call defining all requirements, procedures and the amount of scholarship grants.
Every year, the Fund also publishes the number of available scholarships for foreign citizens who are not ranked in the aforementioned group. Calls differ and may limit the degree or field of education, the scholarship recipients’ country of origin and similar. The Fund publishes the calls on its website.

More information about scholarships:
Javni sklad Republike Slovenije za razvoj kadrov in štipendije 
(Slovene Human Resources Development and Scholarship Fund)
Dunajska cesta 22, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 1 434 10 80


This programme is approved by the Council for Higher Education of the Republic of Slovenia on 5 October, 2007, and 4 May, 2009


Academic level: Master

Qualification: Master of Science

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