PhD in Maritime Studies and Traffic

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The fields of transport and maritime sciences integrate knowledge of technical-technological systems and processes in the maritime, transport, traffic, and transport logistics industries. The need for a high quality and modern doctoral study programme that aims at the acquisition of relevant knowledge in the fields of transport and maritime sciences is dictated by highly dynamic development in these fields. In fact, both can be classified among the most important economic activities worldwide. Science-based solutions to highly complex problems in the fields of transport and maritime sciences can only be provided by experts at the highest level of education. The doctoral study programme enables doctoral students to acquire complex knowledge at the highest level of theoretical and research expertise.

The Doctoral Programme in Transport and Maritime Sciences is organized and carried out by the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport in cooperation with renowned foreign experts. The programme integrates two fields: maritime sciences and transport. In the field of maritime sciences, doctoral students will acquire relevant knowledge in navigation, marine engineering, port systems, and protection of the marine environment; in the field of transport, doctoral students will acquire relevant knowledge in traffic technology, transport logistics, traffic safety, and integrated traffic policy, all of which enable creative and independent research of scientific research problems, critical evaluation of research results, development of new research methodology, and transmission of new technologies and knowledge into practice. 

The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport offers a doctoral study programme in the field of transport and maritime sciences. The degree awarded on completion of the postgraduate doctoral study is: DOCTOR OF SCIENCE (PhD) in the field of Transport and Maritime Sciences.

The doctoral degree programme (120 ECTS) consists of individual research work in cooperation with the dissertation advisor, i.e., the completion of the doctoral dissertation. The doctoral degree programme is considered to be completed after a positive assessment of the dissertation by the members of the committee and successful oral defence of the dissertation.

The title of doctor of sciences in the field of transport and maritime sciences at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport can be awarded to a holder of a master's degree certificate who has successfully defended his/her doctoral dissertation or a candidate who has been granted direct access to a doctoral degree programme based on above-average achievements at the master's degree programme without holding a master’s degree and has successfully defended his/her doctoral dissertation. The doctoral dissertation proposal must be submitted to the Faculty Research and Development Committee. The Committee acknowledges the receipt of the proposal and verifies if it is complete. At its first session or the latest within 30 days after the formal submission of the complete proposal, the Faculty Senate, following a proposal of the Research and Development Committee, appoints a three-member committee in charge of the evaluation of the qualifications of the candidate for access to the title of doctor of sciences in the field of transport and maritime sciences, the proposed title, and dissertation advisor and co-advisor, and a chair of the dissertation committee among its members. In case of interdisciplinary dissertation titles or when research necessary for the completion of the dissertation will be conducted at a foreign university, the committee can consists of four members.

Learning outcome:

The doctors of science who have completed this study programme are qualified for the management of development institutes and other development teams in the fields of transport and insurance as well as other professional offices of relevant ministries and the chamber of commerce. They may become research associates of research teams at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport or leading researchers at related institutes.

Contact Person: prof. dr. Marko Pavliha (


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

0311 - Maritime economy", "0312 - Policy and governance", "0413 - Logistics and shipping operational management", "0421 - Marine and maritime law", "0532 - Physical and chemical oceanography


Venue: University of Ljubljana Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
Ljubljana, Slovenia


Open from
1 Jun 2016 to 20 Sep 2016


Tuition fee: €8,100.00

  • 1st year: €2,700.00
  • 2nd year: €2,700.00
  • 3rd year: €2,700.00

Price list for enrolment fees and study contributions 2016/2017

Application Procedure:

Candidates with foreign degree qualifications undergo a procedure for the recognition of foreign higher education qualifications upon applying for studies. The procedure starts with the candidate’s application for study in the Republic of Slovenia, which is submitted in electronic form on the eVŠ portal. The procedure is run by the authorised person at the University Member (academy or faculty).

The application deadlines are different for every study programme and are specified in the call for enrolment for each doctoral study programme separately (expected by the end of the August). We especially call attention to the fact that the candidates must carry out any prescribed additional obligations (in accordance with the conditions for enrolment that are published next to the call for enrolment for the doctoral study programme) before enrolling into the study programme.

All information about enrolment into doctoral study programmes can be found here

Grant Opportunities:

For information about scholarship opportunities, visit ( is external)) and (

Scholarships for Slovenians abroad are granted by the Slovene human resources development and scholarship fund. Scholarships are granted for study at accredited public education institution at an accredited study programme in the Republic of Slovenia. The Fund publishes open calls for applications defining the requirements for granting scholarships and the amounts of grants.
Zois scholarships are available for foreign citizens with evidence of a status as stipulated by the Slovenian legislation (EU citizenship with at least 5-year preliminary residence, an EU migrant worker or an EU frontier worker in the Republic of Slovenia or a family member of that person, or a long-term resident). The Fund publishes an open call defining all requirements, procedures and the amount of scholarship grants.
Every year, the Fund also publishes the number of available scholarships for foreign citizens who are not ranked in the aforementioned group. Calls differ and may limit the degree or field of education, the scholarship recipients’ country of origin and similar. The Fund publishes the calls on its website.

More information about scholarships:
Javni sklad Republike Slovenije za razvoj kadrov in štipendije 
(Slovene Human Resources Development and Scholarship Fund)
Dunajska cesta 22, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 1 434 10 80


On 19 May, 2011, the Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education approved this doctoral programme.


Academic level: PhD

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