Organization of Marine Conservation Awareness and Outreach Activity

Internship position (12 ECTS)
Sciaena – Marine Sciences and Cooperation Association is a Portuguese Environmental Non-Governmental Organization (ENGO) that was created in 2006 by University of Algarve Marine Biology and Fisheries students who envisioned a healthy marine environment and an informed population engaged in its conservation. Its mission is to promote the improvement of the marine environment by encouraging the sustainability of fisheries and other forms of use and minimizing the impacts of pollution through knowledge, education, communication and political intervention. A strong belief of Sciaena is that efficient and sound conservation actions can be achieved by involving people from every horizons, beyond the scientific and academic world. This goes along with spreading messages from marine scientists in a way to reach the largest number of people. Scientific communication and research give meaning to each other, especially when it comes to conservation of marine environment. From the very beginning, outreach and communication have had a very important weight in Sciaena’s work, as one of the main drivers for creating the organization was the need to bridge the gap between science and society. The internship will consist of organising an edition of one of Sciaena’s standing outreach projects – Mar Motto. The basic concept of Mar Motto is that art can be a very effective tool for scientific dissemination and environmental awareness. And so Mar Motto is essentially an art exhibition, organized once a year in a Portuguese city, were local artists are invited to create works of art inspired by the ocean and the need to protect them. The works of art are then sold or auctioned with a part of the being donated to Sciaena to develop future initiatives. The exhibition also creates a setting for other outreach events, such as lectures, documentary screenings, talks, performances, etc. The 2017 edition will take place in Faro and the intern will have to perform the following tasks: - Arrange a venue for the exhibition (for 1 to 2 months) and establish other partnerships necessary to organizing and promoting the event. - Establish contacts with local artists and ensure the participation of 10 to 15 of them. - Prepare outreach materials on marine conservation to deliver during the exhibition. - Coordinate the assemblage of the exhibition. - Organize the opening event of the exhibition and at least three other events during the period it is open. - Update Mar Motto and Sciaena’s websites and social media profiles and generate activity in these about the exhibition. - Ensure media coverage of the opening event, the other events and the exhibition itself. - Produce a report, a picture gallery and a video about the exhibition. Working in ENGOs is nowadays one of the professional options available for an EMBC+ student and learning how to communicate science, get the interest and concern of non-scientists seems very important for whoever is willing to protect natural environment. Sciaena can provide a real experience of the kind of work and institutional reality that can be found in a European Marine Conservation ENGO nowadays. The intern will be supported by Sciaena’s staff and collaborators and will have at its disposal the ENGO’s infrastructures, resources and list of contacts and partners.
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