Non-indiginous macroinvertebrates in Mediterranean Ports

Internship position (6 ECTS)
The intern will take part in the activities of a research group who is studying non-indigenous species (NIS) in the Mediterranean Sea, and will contribute to the taxonomic analysis of samples collected from ports in different regions of the Mediterranean Sea. This work will allow to estimate the diversity of the non-indigenous biota occurring in "hot spots" of introduction, which is currently poorly known in many Mediterranean regions, and will contribute to define the contribution of navigation to NIS introduction and spread. The intern will have the chance be trained on taxonomic identification of macroinvertebrates that compose the fouling community (e.g. serpulids, barnacles, bryozoans, peracarid crustaceans, tunicates), and to appreciate the variety of organisms that occur in different Mediterranean regions. Depending on the results, the material will be prepared for collection or for further molecular analyses. The town of Pavia displays several University colleges and student residences where the intern can look for accomodation.
Requirements: - Background in Zoology/Marine Biology. - Fluent in English (or Italian). - Willingness to work several hours in a lab, at the microscopes. - Diligence, accuracy, attention to detail.
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Reference Number: RP-48281