MSc in Water and Coastal Management

General information

Managing water resources, river catchments and coastal zones are outstanding challenges of today and tomorrow! Global changes ask for a comprehensive scientific approach, an international multidisciplinary orientation and require a new mind-set towards water and coastal management problems. We train you to become an international expert in Coastal and Water Management, with two Master degrees one from the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg and one from the Rijksuniversiteit of Groningen!

The curriculum of M.Sc. Water and Coastal Management (WCM) is divided in four phases.

  1. Introduction get together: In the introduction phase learners and teachers team up.
  2. Initial-phase scientific essentials: After the initial phase you will be able to: Emphasize the scientific background of environmental questions and handle methods to deal with them; understand the socio-economical background of sustainability and resource management and to deal with its techniques; work scientifically on a chosen topic.
  3. Specialisation deeper knowledge: After the specialisation you will have the skills to professionally manage ambitious planning projects, to perform motivated environmental and infrastructure planning and to develop your individual thesis-theme self-contained
  4. Master thesis the final frontier: After graduating with a double degree you have developed the skills to independently pursue a line of research and to assess and analyse new problems in a scientific way.

The master program WCMis a double degree program in which you get two diplomas. The Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg and the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen are cooperating on this program. The first year of the master degree the students are studying in Germany, their second year they are spending in the Netherlands. 

All in all 120 CP
Case Study 12 CP
1st and 2nd semester in Oldenburg 48 CP
3rd semester in Groningen 30 CP
Master thesis 30 CP


Learning outcome:

We train students to become international experts in Coastal and Water Management, with two Masters degrees, one from the University of Oldenburg and one from the University of Groningen.
The Master of Science in Water and Coastal Management offers an innovative and versatile opportunity of advanced academic education, ready to be put into practice. Taught by outstanding experts, highly conversant with environmental, socio-economic and spatial sciences, students will be trained to manage the water and coastal resources of future societies in a sustainable way.


Contact Person: Dr. Ingo Mose (Programme Coordinator) (


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

0031 - Project management", "0421 - Marine and maritime law", "0511 - Biology", "0521 - Ecology", "0522 - Conservation and environmental management", "0731 - Marine spatial planning


Venue: University of Oldenburg (Programme Coordinator)
Oldenburg, Germany

First year in Oldenburg / Second year in Groningen


Open from
1 Jun 2019 to 15 Jul 2019


Fees for european students:

The semester fees in Oldenburg:

  • The fee for the next semester can be found here
  • this includes the semester ticket and administrative costs.
  • The fees have to be paid each semester.
  • Note: the fee is subject to change and will be set for each semester

The fees in Groningen are different:

  • The fee is € 1,906€ (for year 2014/2015)
  • It is paid once a year.

Fees for non-european students:

The fees in Oldenburg are the same for EU and non-EU-Students. 

Please note that the fees in Groningen are different for international students outside the EU:

  • The fee is about € 10,800€ per year



Bachelor's degree or equivalent in a subject-related or interdisciplinary, environmental science-oriented degree program with scientific, economic and / or geographic-spatial planning interests, or a suitable prior degree program

German language skills are not required for admission. 
In order to study this program at the University of Oldenburg, students must prove that they have sufficient English language proficiency when applying: 
English skills according to the access regulations Knowledge of 
English can be demonstrated with the following language certificates:

  • Level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(GeR)
  • if the mother tongue is English, or if the university entrance qualification or a first university degree has been obtained in English

The proof of language skills must be available at the latest when enrolling. 

Application Procedure:

When to apply:

If you have decided to study the program, you are strongly advised to apply until the 15. July of each year. Applications can be accepted up to the 30th of September, though the earlier you send your applications, the faster we can examine the applicants!

The program only starts in autumn (winter term).

We need from all applicants:

  • Bachelor Degree
  • tabular listing of fitting experience
  • Letter of motivation
  • English Certificate
  • other certificates or qualifications possible

The Master program is "non-consecutive". So you don't need a special Bachelor degree, but you should be able to explain your special interests for the program.

Where to send the application:

If you have a German university degree or you are a student from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, you have to send your application to the Immatrikulationsamt in Oldenburg.

If you have an international degree you have to apply through uni-assist at the International Student Office (ISO) in Oldenburg.

Questions regarding enrolment and application:

Any questions about deadline, necessary documents or enrolment in general can be directed at Malte Janßen (



Academic level: Master

Qualification: Master of Science

Occupations (not validated):
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