MSc Marine Science

General information

We live on Planet Oceanus. More than 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by the oceans, the heat capacity of the oceans is several hundred times larger than the atmospheric, ocean primary production rivals the terrestrial, life started in the oceans and 40% of the world (human) population still lives closer than 50 km from the coastline. 

The oceans remain one of our few unknowns, while marine exploration continues at an unprecedented scale. Fuelling this exploration is our ever increasing exploitation of the oceans. Do you love the ocean? Do you want to contribute to a knowledgebased and sustainable future? Do you have a Bachelor’s Degree in marine science, oceanography, marine biology, marine chemistry or marine geology? Then you should come to Gothenburg, Sweden. 

The marine science master’s programme gives you the theoretical and practical tools to work with marine tasks. You will get a broader interdisciplinary understanding of the marine system and you will deepen your expertise within your discipline.

As a student of the marine sciences, you will perform your study tasks not only in the city of Gothenburg, but also at the field stations Tjärnö and Kristineberg and on board the university’s research vessels. The marine research at the University of Gothenburg is prominent in several research fields, and all teaching is done by active researchers. This provides a solid foundation for your studies in a way that is unique in the Swedish context.

The program offers two 15 ECTS courses to all students. The first course gives an historical perspective on local and global changes in the marine environment and the second course focuses on measurement techniques and methods. Each student will get an individual study plan including courses in one of the fields within marine science; biology, chemistry, oceanography and geology. The individual study plan also includes a thesis project, which is carried out in cooperation with one or several marine researchers. The thesis project should be 30 – 60 ECTS. A master’s degrees requires a total of 120 ECTS.

Field work is an integral part of our teaching. To make observations of the ocean you will be using our extensive infrastructure: field stations and laboratories, research vessels and measuring instruments for all marine disciplines. The Gothenburg region offers proximity to a wide range of marine environments, with different fresh water inputs, different tidal ranges and with different atmospheric, terrestrial and human influences. Our fjords act as giant field laboratories.

Learning outcome:

Students graduating from the bachelor program in Marine Science have a broad knowledge about the oceans, including physics of water movement and the chemical processes to the ecosystem structure and function. The system perspective and the experience in interdisciplinary work is a unique competence for the marine graduates.

Contact Person: Andreas Andjelic (


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

0511 - Biology", "0532 - Marine Geology", "0532 - Physical and chemical oceanography", "0731 - Marine spatial planning


Venue: University of Gothenburg
Gothenburg, Sweden

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Medicinaregatan 18, 40530 Göteborg


  • Application fee: 900 SEK
  • Full programme cost: 269 600 SEK
  • First payment: 67 400 SEK

Application and tuition fees does not apply for EU/EEA citizens or exchange students.


Degree Requirements
A Bachelor's degree in one of the subjects; marine sciences, chemistry, biology or oceanography at an accredited University, including at least 90 ECTS in a the major subject.

Language Requirements
Applicants must prove knowledge of English: English 6/English B from Swedish Upper Secondary School or the equivalent level of an internationally recognized test, for example TOEFL, IELTS.

Application Procedure:

To apply for this programme please follow the online application system with all the necessary information about the application procedure and required documentation. The application code is GU-61096. 

WHO CAN APPLY: This admission round is open for all international students and especially those in need of a residence permit/visa before they come to Sweden. 
CITY: Göteborg 

Application fee 900 SEK

Full programme cost 269 600 SEK

First payment 67 400 SEK

Application and tuition fees do not apply for EU/EEA citizens or exchange students.


The applications are normally open between the beginning of November and the 15th of January


Academic level: Master

Qualification: Master of Science

hec (or ECTS)
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