Monitoring marine recreational fisheries

Internship position (12 ECTS)
Oceans and Lakes
Marine recreational fisheries in Belgium is quite diverse. Firstly, a distinction can be made between those fishing from the shore and those fishing offshore using small vessels. The latter includes sea anglers and recreational fishermen using small trawling gear, such as beam trawls and otter trawls. The fishermen from the shore include a.o. beach anglers or those angling from a pier, breakwater or jetty, those using longlines or fyke nets and manual beach shrimping in the intertidal zone with a small dredge. A recent study demonstrated that the marine recreational fisheries sector in Belgium is bigger than initially thought. However, this study only concentrated on recreational boat anglers and small vessels using trawling gear and did not include catches. Therefore, the monitoring programme will be extended in order to include all marine recreational fishermen and to collect information about the total number of fishermen, the number of inbound and outbound movements in marinas, positioning at sea, reconstruction of catches, etc. The monitoring programme for marine recreational fisheries will run at least until 2020, in order to improve our insights on the annual variability in fishing intensity. Possible tasks for students - Monitoring o Beach monitoring to collect data on land-based fishing activities o Monitoring inbound and outbound movements in marinas o Sea surveys (RV Simon Stevin) to determine the geographical position of fishing vessels at sea o Aerial survey for positioning at sea and beach fishing efforts - Interviewing recreational fishermen - Desktop analyses o Processing of monitoring data (Excel, ArcMap)
- Background in biology/coastal management/other relevant studies - Knowledge of Microsoft Word/Excel - Perfect knowledge of Dutch (speaking, writing, reading) - Internship for at least 1 month, preferably longer
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