Master in Coastal and Marine Management (CMM)

General information

Coastal and Marine Management is an international, interdisciplinary Master's degree in the field of resource management. The program is cross-disciplinary and prepares students for diverse positions in both the public and private sectors. It is offered in cooperation with the University of Akureyri, one of Iceland's state-run universities, which has specialized in fisheries science and related matters for many years.

The programme emphasises ideas and methods from ecology, sociology, economics and business studies. Students completing the programme have knowledge of the diverse and valuable resources of the coast and the sea, understand their current condition, and have gathered tools and expertise to drive the sustainable use of marine resources. The program is internationally oriented and taught in English, and both students and instructors come from a diverse range of countries.

The CMM programme consists of 120 ECTS at the Master's level, of which 75 ECTS are earned from courses and 45 ECTS come in the form of a thesis. The programme begins in the autumn term with core courses, and in the spring and summer terms elective courses are on offer. Students complete 8 core courses and up to 12 electives. Courses are from 2 ECTS up to 8 ECTS and each takes one to four weeks to complete. Course Schedule.

Program organisation.

The program consists of 120 ECTS at the master’s level; this includes 75 ECTS in the form of courses and 45 ECTS in the form of a thesis. All courses are taught in modules. The program starts in the autumn semester and the first year is made up of core courses and elective courses from the teaching schedule.

In order to complete 75 ECTS in one academic year, courses are taught in modules from the end of summer through to the middle of the next summer. Each course is weighted at 1 ECTS to 8 ECTS and takes from half a week to four weeks. On average students take 2 ECTS a week and each ECTS is expected to involve approximately 25-30 hours of student work per week.

After the courses finish, at the end of June/beginning of July, more of the students’ attention moves to the 45 ECTS thesis. According to the above work time calculation, the 45 ECTS should be equivalent to 1.5 semester’ work. Students are free to choose whether they stay in Ísafjörður to complete their theses. Theses are submitted for marking and defence at the beginning of the spring semester the next year. In this manner it is possible to complete the whole program in 18 months. No provision for summer holiday is made, however, if this pace of study is chosen. It is also possible to submit theses in April and the program then takes 21 months.

The program covers a wide arc of ocean related environmental and resource management areas and students can specialise within this sphere using elective courses and with their choice of thesis topic. Students are welcome to take elective courses at other universities, with the Master’s program committee approval.

Students graduate from the University of Akureyri with MRM (Master of Resource Management) degrees, with coastal and marine management as a specialty.

Mandatory courses

  1. Scientific Methods and Research Practices
  2. ICZM: Introduction and Theory
  3. Coastal and Marine Ecology
  4. Oceanography
  5. Physical Processes of Coastal and Marine Environments
  6. Applied Methodology
  7. Economics and Policy
  8. ICZM: Practical Applications and Challenges

Teaching schedule 2016/2017

Learning outcome:

Learning outcomes

Contact Person: (


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

0831 - Fisheries", "1015 - Coastal and marine tourism", "0312 - Policy and governance", "0731 - Marine spatial planning", "0421 - Marine and maritime law", "0713 - Offshore and renewable energy", "0031 - Project management", "0521 - Ecology", "0413 - Logistics and shipping operational management", "0532 - Marine Geology", "0311 - Maritime economy


Venue: University Centre of the Westfjords
Ísafjörður, Iceland



The annual registration fee for Coastal and Marine Management at the University Centre of the Westfjords is ISK 150,000 for Icelandic students and those from other EEA/EU countries, and for those who come from countries outside the EEA the registration is ISK 300,000.

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Conditions for acceptance into the Coastal and Marine Management program are that the applicant must have completed an undergraduate university degree, regardless of if it is a BA, BSc or BEd. Applicants fill out an application form and return it together with a cover letter.

Candidates can come from diverse education and work backgrounds, as the interdisciplinary nature of study is based on many fields; especially in economics, ecology, social sciences and management.

English is the communication and educational language of the program. It is anticipated that applicants from Iceland, Scandinavia and the English-speaking countries possess adequate skills in the language. The same applies to students from universities where all instruction is in English. Other applicants must demonstrate sufficient English skills with recognised tests such as TOEFL, or equivalent.

Application Procedure:

The deadline for applications from non-EEA/EU citizens is 15th February. The first application deadline for applicants from Iceland or the EEA/EU is 15th April, and the second deadline is 5th June. Applications received before the first deadline have priority. 

Further queries about the master’s degree in Coastal and Marine Management can be sent to

Please use the online application form. Your application will not be processed until all required enclosures have been received:

1. Official evidence of previous education as well as academic records in the form of certified transcripts. 
2. Curriculum Vitae. 
3. References from at least two people.  
4. Certification of English Language proficiency (if applicable).


Academic level: Master

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