Marine Zooplankton Ecophysiology

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General information

Zooplankton are a crucial link in marine pelagic food-webs. During the course we will conduct experiments to assess the metabolic balance of a copepod, one of the most representative components of zooplankton. The students will have to design and conduct the experiments, process and analyze the data, and finally give a short presentation and discussion on the results.

There will be 2 groups of 3 people each. Practical work will involve two 2-day practical sessions. Groups will rotate between two practical sessions. In Practical Session I we will conduct feeding and egg production experiments with adult copepods. In Practical Session II we will conduct ecophysiological experiments to assess vital rates in juvenile copepods. As a function of the number of students and their background and interests, and/or of external circumstances, some of the contents of the Practical Sessions may be modified/changed. A minimum number of students (3) is required.

Programme information: 

  • Day 1. Presentation of teachers and students, definition of the objectives of the practical work and hypotheses, design of the experiments to be conducted during the course, first hands on with laboratories and zooplankters.
  • Day 2. Students are divided in groups and Practical Sessions I and II start. Incubations will last ca. 15-20 h (until next morning).
  • Day 3. Take down of the first set of experiments. Sample processing and data analyses.
 In the afternoon the students rotate and begin the second set of experiments.
  • Day 4. Take down of the second set of experiments in Practical Sessions I and II. Sample processing and data analyses.

  • Day 5. Analysis of results, preparation of presentations by the students, and general discussion

Course dates: Monday, October 17, 2016 to Friday, October 21, 2016
Time: 9:00-13:00 h 14:30-17:30 h
Location: Institut de Ciències del Mar
Number of hours (T stands for theory, P for practical and H for home work hours): 5T+30P
Special requirements: Bring your own computer with word processor, spreadsheet and graphic software, and Power Point or similar. You will have to work data on your own, make graphs and give a short presentation.


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

0511 - Biology", "0521 - Ecology


Venue: Institute of Marine Sciences
Barcelona, Spain



Full price of this course is 650€. A reduced registration fee of 500€ is applied for early registrations (20 days before the opening of the course).


Background in Marine Biology is required.

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