Marine Regions

Internship position (12 ECTS)
Oceans and Lakes
Marine Regions is a database with a list of mostly marine place names. These place names are described by coordinates or shapefiles which are available through the website. Besides this list (gazetteer), one can also download shapefiles (f.i. Exclusive Economic Zones, IHO Sea Areas) covering the world oceans and static maps. The Marine Regions Geographic IDentifier (MRGID) is a unique and persistent identifier to refer to a Geographic Object. Use of the MRGID, as URI and persistent identifier has the commitment of the Flanders Marine Institute, issuing the identifier to maintain the http domain registration, and a strategy for managing the domain and the web servers. Marine Regions provides several web services which allow the user to have direct access to the geographic data, maps and metadata from a GIS desktop or for online applications. Currently Marine Regions provides the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) services WMS (Web Map Services), WFS (Web Feature Services) and CSW (Catalogue Services for the web). The purpose of Marine Regions is to work towards a standard for georeferenced marine names. Possible tasks for students - Marine geographic data management o Update geometry of IHO map of the World Seas and Oceans, based on the publication from o Identifying gaps in data and completing the information available in the database o Creating shapefiles for certain place types o Quality control of the data
- GIS knowledge recommended - Background geography/geology for data management tasks - Computer scientist for web developments - Internship for a period of at least 1 month
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Reference Number: RP-47881