MARES Joint Doctoral Training Programme

General information

MARES is a Joint Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health & Conservation funded through Erasmus Mundus. The programme is offered by a consortium of 24 partners originating from 14 different countries. 

The training component of the MARES Doctoral Programme is implemented through the MARES Joint Doctoral Training Programme, which aims to offer one coherent training programme for Doctorate candidates in Marine Sciences. The training programme is jointly organized by the MARES Network and administratively managed by the MARES Secretariat and the Coordinating Institution Ghent University. 

The Training programme is an integral part of the MARES Doctoral Programme. All MARES Doctoral Candidates are obliged to follow and complete the MARES Joint Doctoral Training Programme. However, other Doctoral Candidates are invited to join this training programme as well. A Doctoral Candidate who completes the requirements of the training programme will receive a training programme certificate issued by Ghent University.

Yearly in June/July the MARES Secretariat will publish a training catalogue of a MARES approved training courses. Candidates can select the training courses after publication of the training catalogue. Each candidate will be able to register for training courses throughout the year prior to the enrolment deadline of the specific training. Selection of trainings is communicated to the MARES Secretariat and the course organizers. The selection of training courses by MARES Doctoral Candidates needs approval by the candidate’s doctoral promoters.

All trainings that are part of the MARES Training Catalogue for the academic year 2014-2015 are publsished in the European Marine Training Portal: MARES Doctoral Training Catalogue

Key elements of the training programme are: 

  1. at least 24 Credits of training of which at least 10 Credits in transferable skills and at least 10 Credits in expert training courses;
  2. attendance of at least two international scientific conferences (with poster or oral presentation);
  3. at least one publication accepted in a peer reviewed journal;
  4. attend at least two ‘MARES Annual Meetings.
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Venue: Ghent University (Coordinator)
Ghent, Belgium



Participation costs in the MARES Joint Doctoral Training Programme are set at 240€/year. Organization of the payment of participation costs is in hands of the local organizers. Each training course has a specific cost and some are free. 


Study Requirements
A prerequisite for admission is that applicants have a Master degree in Biology, Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Oceanography, Marine Sciences, Marine Biodiversity and Conservation, or other equivalent degrees with a minimum of 60 credits for the Master degree. In fact a minimum requirement of 240 ECTS combining the B.Sc. and M.Sc. (or equivalent to 4 years of graduate studies with thesis) is eligible. This includes Bachelor of Honor degrees, as long as these included a thesis and took 4 years of full time study. 

Language Requirements
A recent (max 3 years old) proof of knowledge of the English language is also a requirement (CEF-level –C1). The following proofs of English will be allowed*:

  • A recent TOEFL Certificate: minimum score: 570 points (Paper) or 87 points (Internet)
  • A recent IELTS Certificate: minimum score: 6.5
  • A recent First Certificate in English of the University of Cambridge
  • A recent Certificate of a University Language Centre testifying that the student masters the necessary knowledge of English to function academically (specify CEF-level) - C1 level
  • A recent proof that the candidate followed at least 2 Years of higher education taught in English.

Application Procedure:

If you're interested to participate in the MARES Joint Doctoral Training Programme, you will first need to register, so the MARES Secretariat can check your eligibility for your enrolment into the training programme. It is best to register before September 1st. After the MARES Secretariat has checked your application on eligibility, you will be notified of the outcome of this decision and will also receive an invoice to finalize your enrolment into the training programme. 

  1. First you need to open an account (click the link to open the account).
  2. Then you will be able to login and fill in the registration form.

After you have filled in all the fields and uploaded the necessary documents, a "submit button" will appear. Click this button to fully submit your registration form to the MARES Secretariat. With this form you register to participate in the MARES-EU Joint Doctoral Training Programme.


Academic level: PhD

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