MACOMA: Joint Erasmus Mundus PhD. in Marine and Coastal Management

General information

The main objective of the Marine and Coastal Management (MACOMA) proposal is the formation of 3rd cycle academic training and capacity building programme in the interdiciplinary domain of marine science under environmental and oceanography areas. The Ph.D. 'MACOMA' is a 3 years programme running over two periods providing a Joint Doctoral degree in marine and coastal management. Students must complete 180 ECTS to be awarded the Ph.D. degree and at least 60 ECTS must be taken in a second EU Institution from the consortium.

Structure of the programme
You can see the basic reasearch lines of each partner University, here

  • First Year – Academic Course
  • Second and Third Year – Research phase

The research project is worth to 120 ECTS and will be undertaken after the first year in the coordination institution at Cadiz. Students will be encouraged to work on their dissertation in advance of this, preparing their proposal and undertaking background research, but the bulk of work will be in the last 2 years. A very wide range of topic areas will be available for study reflecting the range of expertise at the consortium Universities.

One student can select one research line proposed by one of the main HEIs in the consortium but he/she can conduct the research period not only in this institution but visiting other related. The selection and mobilities will be approved and monitorize by the Macoma Consortium and coordinators.


The MACOMA initiative has one central focus that of integrating the multidisciplinary coastal and marine science into a one advanced teaching programme, while promoting an exchange of information with a direct involvement of the coastal endusers and stakeholders. For that purpose, every member of this consortium will assure teaching and the related case studies, in the domain where its excellence is recognized and needed.

Contact Person: Ms. Carmen María López Valle (Erasmus Mundus Office - Cadiz) (


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.


Venue: University of Cadiz (Programme coordinator)
Cádiz, Spain



First Academic year. Academic Course:

First Enrollment: 59,10 €
Student Identity Card: 5,70 €
Insurance (under 28 years old): 1,87 €
Price per Credit: 41,50€

Second and Third Year. Research Period and Dissertation

Research period: 60,30 €
Student Identity Card: 5,70€


Candinates should have a relevant Master's degree and are also required to demonstrate their proficiency in English. Possible examples include GCSE, AS Level, A Level, IB, TOEFL scores paper 575 / computer 232, Cambridge Proficiency Certificate level 4- 5, Oxford Higher Certificate, International Certificate Conference (ICC Stage 3 Technical), IELTS scores 6.5.

Application Procedure:

The application for Scholarship is not available. Non-scholarship holders:

Admission Period: 

  • 1st. Period: From May, 26th till June, 30th
  • 2nd. Period: From July, 25th, till October, 31st
  • 3rd. Period: From November, 27th, February, 16th

The requirements for the selection process will be the following:

  • Online application at Postgraduate Studies Office (University of Cadiz)
  • Passport, DNI or National Identity Card
  • CV
  • Diploma and Academic Records for Bachelor/Degree
  • Diploma and Academic Records for Master studies
  • English Language Certificate

Grant Opportunities:

Not available scholarships for 2016/17 academic year.


Academic level: PhD

Occupations (not validated):
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