Isotope ratio mass spectrometry - Introduction and Applications

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General information

This course will be considered as an Expert Training course for MARES Doctoral students. The course methodology consists of theoretical and practical sessions that include equipment manipulation and encapsulation of samples. Data interpretation will follow. 

Course Content

1- Isotopes and the delta notation
2- Applications of Stable Isotope Analysis
3- Introduction into Gas Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (EA-IRMS)
4- Application software
5- Data processing, corrections, calibration, reference standards
6- Data interpretation 
7- Case study analysis

Keywords: stable isotopes, IRMS, isotope ratio

Contact Person: Sofia Gonçalves (


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Venue: CIIMAR- Interdisciplinary Centre for Marine and Environmental Research
Porto, Portugal

Rua dos Bragas, n.289 
4050-123 Porto



200€. The costs will cover the course fees, the coffee-breaks and didactic material.

Application Procedure:

Please contact Sofia Gonçalves ( For enroling you will need:

  1. Candidate complete name 
  2. Institution, name and adress
  3. Qualification (Degree, Master, PhD)
  4. Candidate E-mail
  5. Knowledge of mass spectrometry (yes/no)
  6. Experience with the instrument (yes/no)
  7. Billing information

Enrolment Deadline: 21 April 2015 


Academic level: PhD

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