Invasive seaweeds: Simulation of the patterns of spreading

Master Thesis subject (30 ECTS)
The spread of invasive species is a major ecological and economic problem. Modeling how invasive species spread is a potentially valuable tool to assist regional and central government authorities to monitor and control invasive species. To date a lack of suitable data has meant that most broad scale dispersal models have not been validated with independent datasets, and so their predictive ability and reliability has remained unscrutinised. In this thesis the student will model the spread of marine invasive species (e.g. seaweeds). Thereto, the invasion history of some alien seaweed species will be documented and in order to predict the pattern of spreading of newly arriving species we would like to simulate spreading patterns that match with those historic records. This will make it possible to generate a framework which can used to asses where a newly arrived alien species could go next.
interest in marine biogeography and invasive species problems
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Olivier De Clerck
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Samuel Bosch (UGent - Phycology)
Reference Number: RP-36292