Interspecific competition of sympatric Artic kelps under environmental influence

The effects of interspecific competition on Alaria esculenta and Laminaria digitata, two cold-temperate kelp species from Kongsfjorden (Spitsbergen), have been investigated at three different temperatures. Sporophytic resource competition between these species was documented at 5°C, in which A. esculenta displaced L. digitata when the two kelp species were culture together under low light condition (12±1 μmol photons/m2s). In addition, intraspecific sporophytic resource competition was also verified at 5°C when the species were cultured singly, whereas interspecific gametophytic competition, probably through allelochemicals, was qualitatively observed. A. esculenta gametophytes developed faster at 10°C than 5°C, while the development was retarded at 15°C. L. digitata gametophytes developed the fastest at 10°C, while 5°C was faster than 15°C.

Promotor(s) & Supervisor: Inka Bartsch

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0511 - Biology", "0521 - Ecology