Internship in GIS Mapping of Marine & Terrestrial Habitats

Internship position (12 ECTS)
Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation Team is pleased to announce that the recruitment process for our Spring/Summer 2017 Internship projects has just begun. Students and recent graduates are invited to join our research efforts in the Aegean Sea islands. In order to effectively protect and manage important wildlife and areas of the Aegean Sea, priority sites need to be accurately identified. Unfortunately much of this region has not previously been mapped in enough detail to allow for this. During all field surveys, both marine and terrestrial, the paths, locations and relevant points of interest are all marked and recorded so that a database of GIS material can be build up. Participants in a GIS placement can be expected to work on some of the following things: 1. Participating in fieldwork in order to log tracks, locations and points of interest on a GPS Device - marine surveys can include marine mammal monitoring, mapping of protected marine habitats (seagrass meadows and coralligenous reefs) and other, while terrestrial surveys focus on population monitoring of rare species (jackals, chameleons) or rare habitats (forests, wetllands) . 2. Creating maps for various in-house and external projects using both raw and secondary GIS data. 3. GIS analysis of both marine and terrestrial habitats and ecosystems. 4. Collection of additional GIS information from external sources. 5. Creation of “participatory GIS maps” based on data collected from local communities. 6. Collection of information and participation in conservation activities in relation to the development of environmental awareness within local communities and the wider public. For all the essential information about our internship programs visit our site :
The work of Archipelagos; Institute of Marine Conservation, is built upon a strong and enthusiastic team of volunteer researchers and young scientists. We are therefore seeking applicants that are motivated and have a strong desire to protect and conserve the natural environment. You must be conscientious and highly motivated, able to work both individually and as part of a dynamic, multi-cultural team of people from around the world. You will be working on a variety of projects related to your placement type and so must have good time management skills, with the ability to meet deadlines, along with excellent organizational and self-management skills. Candidates must have good knowledge of ArcGIS or equivalent software, a good eye for detail and have a high standard of work presentation. An in-depth knowledge and understanding of the English language and grammar system, being able to speak, read and write confidently is crucial. Further essential requirements include computer proficiency in Microsoft Office Programs. Previous experience relating to your placement is preferable, but not required. *As a non-profit organization Archipelagos cannot cover the living and working cost of the interns. Therefore, all interns will need to cover the monthly placement fees of 650 euros. This covers accommodation, full board, use of equipment, use of the research boats, transport for working purposes, Greek language lessons etc. Travelling costs are NOT included in this price and are covered by the participant. Please send us your cv and a cover letter at
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