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One of the challenges in using water wisely is the way responsibilities are divided between different authorities. A frequent result of this is a fragmented and competitive approach to the use of water resources. Yet for current and future water security it is vital to maintain and restore wetlands as an essential water infrastructure, as well as think and act from a river basin viewpoint

To approach water management effectively, it needs to integrate technical, economic, ecological, social and legal aspects. This approach goes beyond country borders, and needs to be applied on a river basin scale. Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) is a process through which people can develop a vision, agree on shared values and behaviour, make informed decisions and act together to manage natural resources of the basin. The stakeholders involved have to understand each other  to achieve the necessary cooperation. 

This course, endorsed by the Ramsar Secretariat in Switzerland, aims to enhance your water stewardship skills; enabling you to guide the steps towards the wise management of water. The course is based on the premise that a great water steward knows how to facilitate multi-stakeholder processes, and has strong communication and training skills. A good water steward understands the dynamics of societal learning. The training will apply approaches in line with the Ramsar Handbooks on the Wise Use of Wetlands. Participants will be awarded with a Certificate of attendance.

Learning outcome:

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • have a greater understanding of the essence of integrated water resources management and water stewardship;
  • have deepened your understanding of the essential steps towards IWRM;
  • have improved skills and be familiar with supportive tools to facilitate multi-stakeholder processes and societal learning;
  • have improved your training and communication skills;
  • have the skills in developing curricula for capacity building in IWRM.

The course focuses not only on acquisition of new skills but will support you in developing the capacity to use them in your own wetland, basin or region and in planning for developing social capital to engage in IWRM! And, this training is endorsed by the Ramsar Secretariat, Gland, Switzerland. 


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.


Venue: Wageningen University
Wageningen, Netherlands

Research Institute: Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation
PO BOX 88, 6700 AA Wageningen



3.800€. The cost includes the administration fee, costs of lecture material and of field trips (as far as they are included in the programme). An estimation of additional costs such as extra learning material, accommodation and insurance is around 6.075€.


This course has been designed for (future) trainers in IWRM; for wetland managers; for river basin and land-use planners; for policymakers, consultants, researchers, NGO and company staff having affinity with training and/or involved with IWRM; and for those who wish to become a (better) water steward. Proficiency in English is required. You must have at least a BSc-level (or equivalent) and a minimum of three years of relevant work experience. Applications from students will not be taken into consideration.

Application Procedure:

Register for the course using the online registration form. If this is the first time you register for a CDI (Centre for Development and Innovation) course in Wageningen University, then you need to create an account. After creating a new account you will receive an activation link in your e-mail (please also check your spambox). Complete the two pages of this form, and when ready press submit.

Application Deadline: 20 April 2015

Deadline NFP: 21 October 2014

Grant Opportunities:

CDI is unable to assist you in obtaining financial support, however if you want to apply for a NFP/MENA Fellowship, CDI will provide you with the full instructions and the web address for registration in ATLAS. You can check the eligibility at NFP or MENA A limited number of scholarships is available. As this application process takes time and requires several documents, we recommend that you start as soon as possible. 


Academic level: Lifelong Learning
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