International Maritime Management (MSc Distance Study)

General information

International Maritime Management … 

… lets you choose how many learning modules you want to study each semester. You are also welcome to interrupt your studies should professional and/or private duties prevail. Most students study five semesters in part time to complete their IMM studies.

… is mainly based on distance learning which means most modules are completed by handing in home assignments. The course also includes 1-3 on-campus phases which take place in Elsfleth, Germany. When you start your studies, these attendance phases serve for familiarisation and networking purposes. Later, you will complete three learning modules on campus: one written examination, a business simulation and a presentation including a conference-type discussion. Attendance phases are offered twice each year.

… follows a learner-centred approach which means that you acquire theoretical knowledge by means of course books. These didactically prepared texts enable you to combine existing professional knowledge with new academic knowledge. For this purpose, real-life projects and cases arising from your own professional contexts are processed and solved – theoretical and practical issues go ‘hand-in-hand’. During the learning process you will apply new methods and exchange ideas with your peers by means of student forums. Guidance/support is provided by us – your lecturers

Course Content

Semester 1 1. Academic Research Methods (PDF) 6 cps
2. International Maritime Law (PDF) 6 cps
Semester 2 3. Enterprise Information Management (PDF) 6 cps
4. Maritime Business (PDF) 6 cps
5. Green Shipping (PDF) 6 cps
Semester 3 6. Cost & Yield Management (PDF) 6 cps

7a & b. Maritime Management Applications

Choose two of the following:

    Green Ship Design and Technology (PDF)

    Human Factors in Shipping (PDF)

    International Marine Insurance (PDF)

    Maritime Logistics (PDF)

2x 6 cps
Semester 4 8. Case Studies (PDF) 12 cps
Semester 5 9. Master Thesis (PDF) 30 cps
Total   90 cps
Learning outcome:

Upon completion of the co-operative work and study programme of Maritime Management Online M.Sc., you will possess 

  • ample and up-to-date knowledge about the maritime economy and international maritime law. The knowledge acquired during your under-graduate studies will be enhanced and extended,
  • competencies which allow you to manage maritime projects. These competencies will be a major focus of the Case Studies learning units whereby you will autonomously develop problem-solution skills under consideration of societal, economic and ethical aspects,
  • skills to interpret, assess and present results, key indicators and models. In presentations, you will demonstrate your ability to draw conclusions from current research and applied solutions and to communicate your conclusions and the pertinent information basis to an expert and lay audience,
  • the capability to reflect on experience acquired in your professional environment in a thoroughly academic manner. Upon completion of your studies, you will be able to relate academic findings with issues that arise from your own professional area in an inter-disciplinary manner,
  • skills to organise your own life-long learning process. Upon completion of your studies, you will be able to acquire knowledge and skills autonomously and to apply these to your own professional environment, and
  • a comprehension of the demands and possibilities of inter-cultural relations and international co-operation. You will study in heterogeneous teams and demonstrate your ability to assume responsibility in an inter-cultural work environment.

International Maritime Management …

… qualifies you to work your way up on the ‘job ladder‘. You will be qualified to be promoted to an upper management level in maritime companies (e.g. shipping companies, terminal operators, consultancies, maritime banks and insurers, etc.) or in the public administration sector.

… enables you to carry your personal interests into effect, e.g. a change from a ship-based to a shore-based workplace. Others include obtaining the M.Sc. degree in order to work in the public administration sector or to proceed with doctoral research studies.

… ensures you to improve your key skills in terms of self-management, decision making, analysing and presenting key information with words and in writing. This is achieved as IMM is based upon problem-based learning and includes your business-related issues as well as your professional experience into your studies to achieve practical value and mutual benefits. Moreover, it is offered completely in English language.

    Contact Person: Peter John (


    The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

    0031 - Project management", "0311 - Maritime economy", "0312 - Policy and governance", "0413 - Logistics and shipping operational management


    Venue: Jade University of Applied Sciences
    Elsfleth, Germany

    Distance education/ online study with 1-3 weekends in Elsfleth (Germany), depending on your individual planning.



    A fee of 200 Euro is due for each semester.

    A sum of 600 Euro is due for participation in the modules. The fees for the following two modules differ from this:

    - Module 'IMM-08-case studies' has a fee of 1,200 Euro

    - Module 'IMM-09-Master's Thesis' has a fee of 800 Euro

    The fee for repetition of a module (including examination) is 200 Euro per module. The fee for repetition of the module 'Master's Thesis' is 800 Euro.




    If you work in a company in the maritime or logistics sector, IMM suits best to extend your knowledge. The course allows you to be promoted to an upper management level in your company, be it a shipping company, terminal operator, a logistics company, maritime bank, insurer or in the public administration sector. We also have participants working as a general manager, lawyer etc. who study selected modules to complement their professional skills.

    To enrol in our programme,

    • you must have completed a bachelor's degree programme or equivalent,
    • have practical professional experience of at least one year, 
    • have generally acquired the degree or the practical experience in a maritime/logistics context,
    • have appropriate English skills.

    Application Procedure:

    You can get started at any time. Our semesters begin in March and in September, but you can contact us or apply when it suits you best.

    • for the semester beginning in September: 1 June to 15 July
    • for the semester beginning in March: 1 December to 15 January

    For international students...

    If you have aquired an undergraduate degree (B.Sc. or equivalent) outside of Germany, please file your application via uni-assist. You may contact us via mail to in order to prepare your application.

    For former students of Jade University...

    Your former student account will be reactivated. Please fill in this form and send it to You may also contact us via email to in order to prepare your application.

    For former students from other German universities...

    You can find further information in the list of required application documents.



    Academic level: Master

    Qualification: Master of Science

    Occupations (not validated):
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