InterAct network meeting: Blue Skills "Knowledge of the Seas"

The target group of this blue skills event were on the one hand Interreg Programmes with a maritime character or component, and here especially Joint Secretariat staff members dealing with maritime/marine project generation, assessment, monitoring and support. At the same time, the meeting provided a broader approach by also inviting thematic experts and stakeholders as well as project representatives to ensure a holistic view to the topic of blue skills. To ensure the exchange beyond this networking event, the meeting was organised back-to-back with the annual event of the Interreg South Baltic Programme taking place in Rostock the two days before. The Knowledge of the Seas network meeting looked at the theme of blue skills from four different perspectives. On the one hand, the first two sessions offered the opportunity to learn more about the topic of blue skills from both the European and macro-regional (strategy) perspective as well as the thematic stakeholders’ and experts’ perspective. On the other hand, the event offered the opportunity for (Interreg) programmes to promote how they support blue skills as programme and through their projects (programme and project perspectives).