INCOIS Training Course on An Introduction to the Blue Ocean

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General information

The present course provides a basic introduction to Oceanography covering various themes. The objective of the course is to motivate young researchers from related disciplines who intend to work in the areas of Physical and Dynamical Oceanography

- Brief History of Oceanography, Space and Timescales, Properties of Seawater
- Atmospheric Circulation, Air-Sea Interactions, El Nino, other tropical modes
- Dynamical Processes of Ocean Circulation, Wind-driven and Thermohaline circulations
- Vorticity, Potential Vorticity, Planetary and Gravity waves and Instabilities
- Sverdrup Balance, Western and Eastern Boundary Currents, Equatorial Circulation
- Tides, Coasts, Estuaries, Beaches
- Characteristics of Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans
- Marine Habitat, Productivity, Energy Transfer, Carbon Cycle
- Global Circulation, Water Properties, Data Analysis Concepts, Observational Methods
- Ocean forecasting - Hydrodynamics, Eutrophication, Ecology, Dissolve Oxygen, Fisheries

Project Work
Projects will be formulated to better understand the theoretical concepts involving data analysis.


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.


Venue: Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services
Hyderabad, India

Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services
INCOIS, Ocean Valley, Pragathi Nagar BO, Nizampet SO


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