How is Your MPA Managed? A Training in MPA Management Planning

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General information

The 'How is Your MPA Managed?' training workshop is designed to bring together MPA practitioners working within a similar bioregion to share their experience of developing management frameworks for their sites. The purpose of the training workshop is to share lessons learned between MPAs on what's working on what is not, both in terms of the process for developing MPA management plans, and successful implementation.

The training also provides an opportunity to learn from an internationally recognized standard for the management plan development process. By understanding and exercising each process step, each training participant will have an opportunity to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their plans. Through interactive engagement between MPA sites, the training is structured to allow ample time for peer review and input at key stages of the management plan development process. With knowledge of this process and the valuable input from colleagues, managers would return home with a work plan (implementation plan) to develop or complete a management plan for each of their sites.

The workshop is by design primarily participatory, interactive and based on teamwork. Participants will engage in sharing case studies and lessons learned; give presentations; and work together on both group and individual projects and problem solving exercises. All participants will establish a relationship with their “team” of other participants. At the end of the training workshop, the team will design a communication plan to maintain their “social network”, and as a support system for implementing their individual implementation contract agreements developed during the training. Download the announcement.

Programme Themes

Day 1. Pre-Planning Process - Defining the legal framework; MPA planning methodologies; building; defining the future state; engaging stakeholders;

Day 2. Front End Assessment - Identifying targets; threat identification analysis, and prioritization; developing management objectives;

Day 3. Impact Assessment - Impact assessments, sensitivity analysis, cumulative impacts on target resources;

Day 4. The Planning Process - Developing management strategies; strategy analysis; stakeholder impact analysis; pulling the pieces into a model; planning tools;

Day 5. Zoning as a Management Tool - Using zones to address areas of conflict and incompatibilities; designing networks of marine reserves to achieve specific results such a fisheries replenishment and building climate change resilience.


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Venue: Hotel Jolanda
Genoa, Italy

Hotel Jolanda
Via Luisito Costa, 6
16038 Santa Margherita Ligure



The course costs 600.00 per person. This includes coffee break but does not include travel costs, accommodation and meals.

Registration deadline: 5th March, 2015 (cancellation deadline: 10th March)


Participation in the workshop is open to coastal and marine resource managers, and those from associated fields interested in the planning process. The training is targeting planners and key staff who have roles in both the development and implementation of site-based management plans

Application Procedure:

Application form to be sent, together with a short CV, to


Academic level: PhD, Lifelong Learning
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