Historical scientific catch data from shrimp fisheries in the BPNS: Biodiversity of commercial and non-commercial species

Internship position (12 ECTS)
Oceans and Lakes
The current availability of ecosystem data is, in many cases too low to create an adequate insight in the underlying processes which influence the functioning of our ecosystems. Data archeology can play an important role to fill in spatial and temporal gaps in the data series, currently available to science. Many sources of historically collected data exist, but are still hidden in dusty closets and filing cabinets, on disks, tapes, cd’s, etc. In order to make these data available to science, VLIZ started to execute data archeology projects. One of those projects is a reconstruction of the scientific (by)catch data from shrimp fisheries in the Belgian part of the North Sea (BPNS) since 1930. Within the framework of LifeWatch and with the cooperation of the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO), an inventory was made of potential sources on scientific catch data from shrimp fisheries in the Belgian Part of the North Sea. A part of the data is stored in databases or a digital file format, but a substantial part needed to be recovered from paper registration forms used during the sampling. By digitizing all data, a large time series can be created. Possible tasks for students - QC and Integration of data series in a database - A first exploration of the data: creation of data products (graphs, plots)
- Background in biology, Marine sciences or other relevant studies - Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Access - Knowledge of basic GIS is recommended - Ability to work accurate and precise - Knowledge of Dutch and French is recommended to understand literature - Internship for at least 3 months
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Reference Number: RP-47931