Historical maps of the coastal zone (HisGISKust)

Internship position (12 ECTS)
Oceans and Lakes
The coastal zone is a dynamic region which is influenced by both natural (sea level rise, floods, etc.) and human factors (wars, land reclamation, economic activities, etc.). Historical maps provide an insight in the evolution in this region, as they describe the situation at a certain moment in time. Therefore, VLIZ has started an initiative to disclose maps from the 16th century onward which comprise detailed information about the Belgian coast, sea or adjacent estuaries. The maps are georeferenced and analysed with regard to their geometric accuracy using MapAnalyst (Jenny & Hurni 2011). Furthermore, certain features (coastline, dunes, etc.) are vectorised as shapefiles. All these products are provided to end users in open access on www.vliz.be/hisgiskust. Possible tasks for students * Support of ongoing tasks in the context of this initiative (georeferencing, vectorisation, geometric accuracy, etc.) * Reconstruction of the historical seabed (bathymetry and sediment properties) * Analysis of evolution of floodable areas in the context of safety against floodings * Analysis of evolution of certain habitats such as the dune area * Historical analysis of the coastal area * Thesis subjects can be explored in consultation with promotors from research groups
* Knowledge of GIS is recommended * Background in natural or historical sciences * Internship for at least 1 month * Ability to work accurate and precise
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Reference Number: RP-47921