Fundamentals of Sonar (Short Course)

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General information

This three-day sonar training course is intended as a follow-on to the Introduction to Sonar course, enabling you to progress from an introductory level through to advanced topics within one week. The sonar course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of underwater acoustic principles, sonar technology and applications, underpinned by the physical principles and analysis.

The course is suitable for if you require a rapid introduction to advanced sonar technology, its specification and applications, particularly:

  • Hardware and software design engineers new to sonar system design.
  • Naval personnel involved in sonar commissioning or its application.
  • Procurement/purchasing managers requiring to prepare tenders or specifications
  • Design Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Installation and Maintenance Engineers
  • Sales Engineers

Course Content

  1. Acoustic Wave Theory
  2. Transducer Technology/Array Performance
  3. Signal Processing and Displays
  4. Target Echo Strength
  5. Acoustic Beams and Beamforming
  6. Sidescan and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Sonars
  7. Fundamentals of Towed Arrays
  8. Sonar Target Recognition
  9. The Sonar Equation
  10. Future Trends in Sonar
Contact Person: Norman Stock (


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Venue: Bournemouth University
Poole, United Kingdom

Talbot campus: located two miles from Bournemouth's centre and is home to the majority of our Academic Schools, the Sports and Recreation Centre and the Student Village.



Course fees are £795 per delegate and include comprehensive course notes, morning coffee, afternoon tea and lunch. Please note that the course fees exclude overnight accommodation. 


Delegates for the sonar course will be expected to have a basic understanding of Sonar terminology and underwater acoustics. A knowledge of more complex mathematics (complex numbers and calculus) would also be beneficial. This course is designed as a follow on to the 'Introduction to Sonar' course. 

Application Procedure:

To book a place on this course please contact Norman Stock. To ensure an effective learning environment, places on this course are limited to 30 delegates, so please book early to avoid disappointment.


Academic level: Lifelong Learning
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