Fishwatching at Torredembarra

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Observació de peixos

Coastal fish identification workshop/course:
(1) Theory: basic skills to identify the commonest fish species; knowledge of the area (beach, rocky areas, benthic communities);
(2) practical: field identification by snorkeling; sandy and rocky areas.

This course/workshop has a naturalistic focus directed to increase locals and tourists awareness of the diversity of fish fauna and other marine organisms present on a touristic beach. It is organised by the Centre d'Estudis Sinibald de Mas, at Torredembarra (, in association with the Institut de Ciències del Mar. The activities performed during previous editions can be fountd at

Contact Person: Francisco José Machín Jiménez (


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Venue: Centre d'Estudis Sinibald de Mas
Torredembarra, Spain

C/Capella 6 - local 8
43830 Torredembarra



This course is for free.


Naturalistic interest; no qualifications needed. You will need your snorkelling equipment and portable computers for after field session data input into citizen science portal

Application Procedure:

Use the ADD TO CARD button on the course's website to register.


Academic level: Lifelong Learning
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