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19th Fish immunology/vaccination workshops (2018)

Welcome to the Fish Workshop hosted by the Cell Biology & Immunology group at Wageningen University & Research. This website provides information and registration opportunities.

The Wageningen fish immunology / vaccination workshops have been organised annually since 1998. Typically, the workshops are characterised by one-hour presentations given by experienced lecturers, taking time to thoroughly introduce each subject. The workshops have been adopted by the International Society for Fish and Shellfish Immunology (ISFSI). This year’s (2018) subject is FISH IMMUNOLOGY.

The 19th - 2018 workshop includes two afternoons with a choice between hands-on practicals or updates on recent molecular advances in transcriptome analysis and genome analysis. Further, participants are asked to send an abstract of their research plans and to present a poster, with the best one awarded the poster prize. The official workshop language is English.

Contact Person: dr. M. Forlenza (


The highlighted icons, represent the fields of education (in compliance with ISCED Classification) engaged during this course/programme.

0512 - Biotechnology", "0512 - Toxicology", "0831 - Aquaculture", "0831 - Fisheries


Venue: Wageningen Institute of Animal Sciences (WIAS)
Wageningen, Netherlands


Open from
1 Jan 2018 to 23 Mar 2018


ALL-IN registration includes accommodation, meals and registration. 

Costs are 400 € for accommodation and meals for the whole workshop period (fee based on a shared room, otherwise 500 €) PLUS a registration fee of 450 € (Ph.D. students), 600 € (post-doc, academic staff) or 750 € (company staff).You pay Value Added Tax (VAT; 21%) over the registration costs only.

ALL-IN registration includes:

  • 4 x bed & breakfast, single room (arrival on Sunday 30th April, departure on Thursday 4th May)
  • 4 x lunch (Monday-Thursday)
  • 3 x diner (Monday-Wednesday)
  • and costs for registration, administration, workshop material and practicals



All participants will be asked to send an abstract of their research. Please wait to receive further information before forwarding your description.

You will also be given the opportunity to bring a poster and we strongly encourage each participant to do so!

This will increase the information exchange among young researchers in an informal setting while having a nice drink. Each participant will have strictly 5 min to presenthis/her poster and additional 5 min to answer to questions.

The best poster, based on layout and presentation, will be awarded the poster prize!  

Two additional poster prizes will be given: the best 'new comer', for example a starting PhD who was able to present future plans or preliminary results; and the most 'eye catching' poster, mainly based on the layout.

Please submit your 'participant activity' by e-mail:

Application Procedure:

Upon registration via our website, WE will make a reservation for your accommodation in the Wageningen International Congress Centre (WICC) where ALL participants and speakers will be staying. This reservation will be made final upon your timely payment of the total costs for accommodation and registration.

Single day registration, without B&B, is possible.

Additional requirements (extra nights, diners etcetera) should be arranged with the conference centre.

Registration is final after payment of the registration fee before 23th of March 2018. You will receive an invoice containing all payment details.

Cancellations must be notified by e-mail to the attention of dr. M. Forlenza. If received before the 6th of April, all fees except a cancellation charge of 40 EURO will be refunded. Half of the paid fee will be refunded between 6th of April and 17th of April, but no refunds will be made after April 17th.


Academic level: Master, PhD, Lifelong Learning
Occupations (not validated):
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