Feeding behaviour of Chaetodontidae in a tourism region of the Red Sea

Chaetodontidae are one of the most conspicous and diverse families in coral reefs. It is well known that coral feeding-species are sensitive to changes in the food availability while there is only few knowledge about other factors that might influence the feeding behaviour. In this study, the effects of snorkelers on the feeding behaviour of C. austriacus and C. paucifiasciatus were observed. Furthermore, it was investigated if the occupation of corals by e.g.gobies has an effect on the feeding behaviour. The presence of snorkelers didn't show any effect on the feeding behaviour in this study. The presence of gobies in corals had an influence on the feeding behaviour of C. paucifiasciatus and C. austriacus. In general the results for both species were the same with the only difference that C. paucifiasciatus has a wider food spectrum.

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