A European study on growth of an important intertidal economical resource: the stalked barnacle Pollicipes pollicipes

Master Thesis subject (30 ECTS)
The stalked barnacle Pollicipes pollicipes occurs in west Europe (Brittany, France to SW Portugal) and northwest Africa. P. pollicipes can be considered the most important intertidal economical resource on rocky shores of North Spain and continental Portugal. This species inhabits very exposed rocky shores. Despite its ecological and economical importance, growth studies on this species are scarce, but recently the use of chemical marking with calcein was used (Jacinto et al., 2015) and revealed to be a promising technique. The general goal of this proposal is to compare growth of P.pollicipes across several scales (regions from France to Portugal; shores; and smaller scales). This thesis will be part of a European project and is dependent on the participation of the project partners (to be contacted).
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David Jacinto
Reference Number: RP-49031