European Maritime Days 2015

This annual platform welcomes Europe's growing maritime community joining policy makers to discuss, debate and exchange best practices. The seas and oceans, and the opportunities they offer, are at the heart of the discussions. This year's conference will focus on ports and coasts as engines for Blue Growth.

The European Maritime Day Conference will host high-level sessions and stakeholder workshops attracting delegates and experts from across Europe and beyond. Speakers, including Ministers, Commissioners, CEOs and experts, will discuss the spectrum of opportunities and great challenges that our coasts and seas present, share best practices, and develop new synergies.

The Marine Training Platform co-hosted with JPI-Ocean, European Marine Board and EuroMarine a workshop on marine science training at this year's European Maritime Day: How innovative training can support Blue Growth?”

The  next  generation of marine  professionals  will  require  specialized  knowledge  crossing multiple  fields  of  expertise  in  order  to  underpin  an  ecosystem  based  approach  to the management  of  the  marine  environment. But  there  is  currently  a  mismatch  between current  academic  training programmes and  the  needsof  future  employers.  In  addition, marine graduate programmes and career pathways lack coordination and visibility. In this workshop,  stakeholders  from  higher  education,  research  and  business  will  present and discuss perspectives   oncurrent   marine   training   practices,   innovative   initiatives   and academic-industry partnerships which could help address the skills gap and build a human capacity.This  will  include  updates  from ongoing  initiatives  such  as the  EMB  Working Group WG Training, JPI-Oceans, EuroMarine and EMBRC