ERA-MBT Marine Biotech Workshop on collaboration opportunities

A noon to noon workshop with the coordinators/leaders of a selected group of project leaders of various European Bioeconomy projects and networks was held from 8 to 9 September 2015 in Berlin, Germany. The aim of the workshop was to identify potential overlaps in research topics/goals and explore opportunities for collaboration between European marine biotechnology initiatives.During this workshop hosted by ERA-MBT (European Research Area - Marine Biotechnology) explored common interests with other networks which could lead to future collaborations. The goal of the workshop was to find concrete cooperation actions between  the 13 networks and projects that were present at the meeting (ERA-MBT, ERA-PLATFORM, ERA-NET SUSFOOD, FACCE SURPLUS, ERA-SysAPP, IraSME, JPI Oceans, EMBRIC, FACCE JPI, ERA-Bioenergy, ERASynBio, ERA-ib2, EEN).

One of the concrete collaborative actions in the capacity building and knowledge transfer thematic was to bring the industry and academia together. In this perspective, the Marine Training Platform played a crucial role in supplying the consortium a dedicated ERA-MBT training page implemented on the ERA-MBT website:

Training courses or modules in marine biotechnology are provided all over Europe and for different target audiences. In order to promote and to reinforce the Training and Education strategy for marine biotechnology, the Marine Biotechnology ERA-NET has listed the existing operational programs within a marine biotechnology context, including fundamental knowledge on integrative biology of marine organisms and biotechnology exploitation. The mapping results have been integrated into the platform, an open-source service developed in the framework of the EMBRC activities of Belgium/Flanders. This marine training platformis a growing searchable list of training courses related to marine topics offered in Europe which could serve as the starting point for interested trainees to get access to information about marine biotechnology education.