Environmental burden and nutritional benefit of seafood - Portuguese sardine, hake and codfish products

This master thesis will deal with the ecological impact of different fish meals / dishes and will focus on Portugal's high consumption of seafood in general and especially salted cod. The main purpose of the thesis will be to evaluate and compare the carbon footprint and the impact on ecosystems of different fisheries, including possible alternative fisheries. Therefore life cycle assessments of different fish products will be performed. Furthermore the traditional and the economic point of view of eating fish will be evaluated with the background that a lot of fish is not produced in Portugal anymore but imported. Again, this is especially the case with salted cod. Also, the nutritional value (for example fish as a protein source) will be taken into account together with the other factors to evaluate which fisheries are most sustainable. The thesis will be based in Faro (Universidade do Algarve) and data will be taken mainly from literature. If nutritional data is unavailable for important groups of fish meals there is an option to investigate in the food technology department of the IPIMAR in Lisbon.

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