EMBRIC-RISIS Cortext Training - Publications Analysis

Taking advantage of the participation of social scientists in the EMBRIC project (UPEM, leader for two tasks in WP5), this training session offers to the marine biology community an opportunity to apply state of the art scientometrics methods (based on social network analysis) via training in the use powerful open access to the Cortext Manager platform dedicated to textual corpus analysis (www.cortext.net (link is external)) which makes possible the characterisation of the research activities carried out within each research centre (node) in the EMBRIC and EMBRC networks.

The objective of the course is to build on the previous training course (9th March) and go further in harmonisation of data and visualisation.  For those not present at the 9th March Training, a crash course introduction to the uses of the CorTexT/RISIS platform will be possible.