Diversity of shelly faunas from cryptic habitats in Maldive and Borneo coral reefs

Internship position (12 ECTS)
Coral reefs host the highest biodiversity in marine biota. Small-sized organisms in particular host diverse taxonomic groups often with several still undescribed species. Cryptic habitats have the highest chances of hosting species assemblages new to science because of the difficulties to access them. Several sediment samples were collected in cryptic habitats in coral reefs in the Maldives and in Borneo. Students will extract molluscan and brachiopod shells and sort them into OTUs (Operational Taxonomic Units) to assess diversity and differences in species composition and structure among different sites.
Interest in the diversity of small shelly faunas. Disposition to perform sorting under a binocular microscope.
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Martin Zuschin
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Reference Number: RP-47571