Internship position (12 ECTS)
The Marine Conservation Society, Seychelles (MCSS) is a local Non-Governmental Organisation that was registered in 1997. The MCSS was formed by a group of local marine experts to meet the lack of capacity in Seychelles and to address matters of marine biodiversity conservation and sustainable use. MCSS currently conducts a wide range of conservation and monitoring activities spread across several programmes and projects (see for more details). This gives volunteers and interns an excellent opportunity to gain experience in a number of monitoring techniques as well as experiencing the realities of putting theory into practise in the field and working with local communities to engage them in conservation and sustainable practises in their localities. Internships for both 4 and 8 week periods are available; during the 8 week internships candidates will have the opportunity to work on a specific mini-project to hone their skills. Dependant on the projects to which they are allocated, to interns may participate in a number of the following activities: Turtle Monitoring: • Track and nest monitoring patrols of important turtle nesting beaches in the south of Mahe • Aerial surveys via UAVs (drones) • Threat and impact analysis and mapping • Data handling and analysis • Nesting habitat rehabilitation • Turtle distribution, abundance and habitat evaluation and mapping • Production and dissemination of educational material such as posters and presentations • Public awareness surveys Wetland Monitoring: • Wetland monitoring • Trapping & tracking studies on endemic terrapins • Aerial surveys and mapping via UAVs (drones) • Wetland rehabilitation • Wildlife care & rehabilitation (specialising in terrapins & turtles) • Educational activities for schools • Education talks and tours for visitors Community marine and coastal stewardship programmes: • Beach clean-up activities • Coral reef monitoring and mapping • Coral nursery and artificial reef development • Coral reef rehabilitation • Wetland monitoring • Wetland rehabilitation • Wetland endemic species monitoring • Snorkel trail development and maintenance • Guided kayak & snorkel safari trails • Mountain / jungle / wildlife trail construction • Hike trail and biodiversity guide development • Visitors information development • Educational interactions with guests Details of all of the various projects and programmes are available at the MCSS web site as are the current volunteer/intern information file and volunteer/intern application forms ( ).
Interns to Seychelles should be medically fit and not have specific dietary requirements as these may nt be able to be met at several of the project sites.
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Reference Number: RP-48351