Connectivity studies using biophysical models

Master Thesis subject (30 ECTS)
High resolution simulations of the hydrodynamics of the North West Mediterranean sea are available for three consecutive summer periods and open the way to study the larval dispersal phase of species reproducing in summer. Work is already on track for gorgonians species for which behaviour has been documented through experimental studies in the last years. However, any thesis project with the objective of setting up regional connectivity patterns for a species dwelling in this area, ideally to be confronted with existing genetics data if any, will be welcome. Subject can be either experimental to document larval motility behaviour if feasible within the period from January to June or numerical to project connectivity patterns incorporating species larval traits. The context of these studies is to inform spatially explicit modelling of species distribution to test scenarios of impact of marine activities.
skills in computing, mathematics and ecology
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Reference Number: RP-46191