Coastal angling tourism in the South Baltic Sea region

Internship position (12 ECTS)
EUCC – The Coastal Union Germany, or EUCC-Germany for short, promotes integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) and the sustainable development of coasts and seas in Germany. To this end, EUCC-Germany provides information, consultation, knowledge, and education around Germany in addition to arranging workshops and leading demonstration projects. EUCC-Germany provides a voice for German ICZM activities in Europe and bridges the gap between science, practice, and the public. One new topic for EUCC-Germany is angling tourism, especially in the coastal areas of the South Baltic region. Coastal angling tourism offers a unique development chance for the South Baltic region, especially for less developed coastal regions and even outside the holiday season. It is a new touristic trend and offers diversification of coastal tourism with promising market opportunities. For example, in Germany the number of coastal anglers is about 163.000 with a direct spending of 920 € per angler and year, whereas the total annual spending (incl. indirect spending) amounts to 1.590 € - a multiplier effect of 1.8 per € directly spent. Based on the increasing sales of coastal tourist fishing licenses in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern within the last years (day tickets - 2014: 33.686, 2012: 25.833; week tickets – 2014: 33.710, 2012: 24.722) it is obvious that angling tourism has a great potential. Significant spill-over effects (accommodation industry, gastronomy, etc.) can be expected and further synergies, e.g. combined offers with the health tourism sector or professional fisherman who make use of tourists and establish an additional financial pillar. But angling tourism is still a niche market based on very local initiatives and angler-to-angler-communication. To change this, it is indispensable to cooperate across borders and jointly promote coastal angling and its economic potentials. In this regard, the new project CATCH will increase the capability of coastal communities to establish sustainable angling tourism, deliver improved measures for touristic providers and will combine all new knowledge in an innovative information and knowledge platform on coastal angling tourism. EUCC-Germany works as project partner in the project CATCH and is responsible for the development of indicators for sustainable coastal angling tourism. This includes environmental, economic and social aspects. Moreover, a survey on litter left by coastal anglers is planned. Possible tasks of an intern could include field and desk research as well as the support of the development of indicators for sustainable angling tourism (indicators for sustainable angling + indicators for sustainable tourism). Moreover, the survey on marine litter based on left waste of anglers can be conducted by the intern. EUCC-Germany offers its interns self-responsible, interesting work on a running EU project in a dedicated team and an insight view into the work of a non-governmental organization (NGO).
• student in the field of marine research, tourism, environmental management (or another relevant field of study) • knowledge of angling is beneficial • ability to work in a team
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