Association patterns of temperate sea cucumbers

Master Thesis subject (30 ECTS)
Not much is known about the biology and ethology of the temperate sea cucumbers such as Holothuria arguinensis and H. mammata which occur in the Ria Formosa at the south coast of Portugal. These species have commercial interest being caught to export China and another Asian countries (González-Wangüemert et al., 2014; 2015). Nowadays, my team is developing the biotechnology for its aquaculture (Domínguez-Godino et al., 2015). Some interesting subjects on aquaculture are the relationships between individuals from same and different species (allowing polyculture) and behavior patterns. On this Msc Thesis we will study the movement and feeding patterns of sea cucumbers (H. arguinensis and H. mammata) during night and day on different types of bottoms (% organic matter and granulometry).
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Mercedes Wanguemert
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Reference Number: RP-35482